Shotenji temple

Shotenji temple

Temple which was founded in the Kamakura era

Shotenji templeAccording to the description of temple, it is considered to be 1184 (Christian era 1184) that Shotenji temple was founded. When it was opened now beside shrine of the mountains than position and passes through the gate as temple of the Shingon Buddhism, long Kotobukiyama God temple, Bell Tower that it is is built in cultural assets of village on the right hand. There is Bodhisattva of wisdom hermitage (Kannondo) dedicated to St. Kannon to Buddhist priests' living quarters, the left hand on the main hall of a Buddhist temple, the right hand in the front, and, as for this Goddess of Mercy, it is in 19th bill place of thirty-three different types of the Goddess of Mercy in county, and principal idol is said all to be Unkei product in The Buddha of Healing, Buddhist statue beside the principal image Nikko person who has attained Buddhahood twelve divine warriors.

Shotenji temple Bell Tower (village listed building)

Shotenji temple Bell TowerFigure that fused balance was able to get technique of So that old Japanese architectural style and Zen Buddhism brought Bell Tower erected in 1802 (Christian era 1802) is feature. We are considered to be representative excellent building of this area. As for the Bell Tower, as for the gable ornament, come to bunch (taiheizuka)-type ornamental beam large bottle with multilayer gabled and hipped roof (irimoya) structure with the one three ken (5.45 meters) back waist of a hakama. We lower roof plaque (fish to give to gegyo, God) with fins in bargeboard.

Shotenji temple
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