Sengen shrine (Uchino)

Sengen shrine (Uchino)

The oldest building in village

Sengen shrine (Uchino)It is the oldest building in village characterized by main hall of covering a roof with cypress bark roof, one ken company wave-style architecture of Shinto shrines. Amako roof life (amenokoyanenomikoto), Mikami of FUTODAMANOMIKOTO are enshrined in main hall including KONOHANASAKUYAHIMENOMIKOTO. We are informed object of worship with product of the Kamakura era with statue of method of constructing a statue by assembling pieces of wood of hinoki. Billboard announcing a framework-raising ceremony to write down builder, design in Shinto shrine at the time of setting up the framework of a house on the date, and to nail over ridge pole exists. This is thing of 1363 (Joji 2) equal to north and south morning service charges and is written on the back with "history of Ryuo temple construction" in table "hozo*kandai**"

Large tochi

Large tochiThere is huge tree of horse chestnut in the Sengen shrine (Uchino) precincts. As for the height, 35.5 meters, grass reach 9 meters. Branch greatly lengthens, and 23.5 meters and dignified figure are impressive in 26 meters, the north and south in east and west. Bunch which we stood straight towards the sky when it is May be accompanied by small white flower a lot, and fruit which became ripe in autumn includes a lot starch. The completion of tochi rice cake which is delicious when we pull lye and grind and mix with rice cake!

Object of worship (village designation important cultural property) of Sengen shrine (Uchino)

Object of worship of Sengen shrine (Uchino)Mikami image which is enshrined in main hall. KONOHANASAKUYAHIMENOMIKOTO (we hide as soon as we spare this flower approximately 15 centimeters of long Japanese paper, also known as chisel), Amako roof life (amakonoyanenomikoto, long Japanese paper approximately 45 centimeters), large ball life (incidentally only as for the lump thing, long Japanese paper approximately 45 centimeters). With statue of method of constructing a statue by assembling pieces of wood of hinoki, we are informed with product of the Kamakura era.

Sengen shrine (Uchino) omikoshi and original drawing (village designation industrial arts)

Sengen shrine (Uchino) omikoshi and original drawingIt is document valuable at all conveying splendid style due to hand of terminal master craftsmen in the present age in the Edo era in 1822 (Bunsei 5). It is written to original drawing that we begin in March, 1823, and togo (meaning that miniature shrine advances to) was performed. In addition, great repair of miniature shrine is carried out in 1957, and figure with made those days on remains.

Sengen shrine (Uchino)
Address: 〒 401-0512 1, Uchino, Oshino-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi