Sacred place of fly fishing eminent Japan where the President of the United States enjoyed fly fishing

Period Saturday every month second for from March 15 to September 30 (until October 1 - next year March 14 the prohibition of fishing) at [time] about 5:00 a.m. after - sunset for one hour [discharge day of fish]

Katsuragawa river of Oshino-mura is Yukawa of Nikko, Mecca of fly fishing of Japan eminence along with flow of Eastern Hokkaido of Hokkaido. Anglers enjoy fishing, and rich natural environments that can be refreshed are left for the northern foot of Fuji where Oshino-mura is located. Clear stream of Oshino-mura is the whole country, but is rare spring. Because temperature of water does not change through the year, it becomes environment that is most suitable for habitation of trouts. Fly fishing lover visits place of Oshino from March through September from all over Japan around Kanto.
A kind of trout, rainbow trout, fish of 25 kinds (including wetlands) including Japanese dace have habitation in Oshino-mura clear stream. Shibokusa fishermen's cooperative association association laying emphasis on discharge business as fish targeted for Sport Fishing above all rainbow trout (salmon department). We are full of appetites and are fast-growing and can taste charm of fishing from beginner to senior as pull is strong.
A Bridge of Self-Defense Forces upper reaches

A Bridge of Self-Defense Forces upper reaches

Point that released fish stays for

Point that fish which waterweeds grow thick here and there, and was released stays for



There are many places where do not have back space

Pool and the shallows continue. The right bank is recommended.
Trees grow thick and are careful as there are many places that back space is hard to take.

The Shigehira Bridge down stream

The Shigehira Bridge down stream

View of Mount Fuji◎

We consist of pools following shallows and it and we cross suspension bridge of TEPCO and can catch from the left bank. But reed (ashi) grows thick summer later and does not fettle in the left bank. Mount Fuji superb view

In front of tennis court

In front of tennis court

A series of shallows and pools

The right bank is recommended by the shallows and a series of pools. What the here whole area is performed building a breakwater of and takes in in normal landing net as scaffold is expensive is impossibility

The Zendana Bridge upper reaches

The Zendana Bridge upper reaches

It becomes Futamata with Hashigami style

Become Futamata with Hashigami style, right flow is area closed to fishing. We become waterway of both sides building a breakwater to be called off in private house from the left flow.

The Ohashi down stream

The Ohashi down stream

torose spreads out, and quantity of water is thin

torose spreads out, and quantity of water is thin.
The right bank is recommended. shimmei* is easy to become muddy, and there are many cases that the main stream is clearer at the time of rain.

Oshino play fishing information

Time between play fishing season

Period From March 15 to September 30 (until October 1 - next year March 14 the prohibition of fishing)
Time It is one hour after - sunset for one hour before sunrise
We set a limit to take-out To ten of them ※Catch & release section is excluded

Fishing area (bucktail section designation)

Lure & fried food section Bait fishing prohibition Katsuragawa river: To dam down stream - Oshino dam in front of the fishermen's cooperative association
C&R section for exclusive use of fried food Lure, bait fishing prohibition Katsuragawa river: From Sin-Nashogawa river junction to the dam upper reaches in front of the fishermen's cooperative association (except area closed to fishing)
The designated area outside Bait fishing, lure fried food Sin-Nashogawa river: The Shigehira Bridge upper reaches (except areas closed to fishing such as Oshino Hakkai) and Katsuragawa river: To the Oshino dam down stream, Nakazawa Bridge of the Kanegafuchi power station (the hotel Kaneyama Land north side) down stream

※C&R = catch & release (it goes back up in original natural environments with keeping fish which we caught alive)
※For more details, in the case of the purchase, please confirm play fishing ticket (Lawson is excluded).
※Thing following worm and it is prohibited
※When you caught fish within 15 centimeters in length, please discharge
※We set a limit to one-day take-out: To ten of them ※Catch & release section is excluded
※Please perform bait fishing from Shigehira Bridge upstream
※Second Saturday is day of fish discharge every month. (after April)
※Please take garbage home with you by all means

Play fishing ticket

Daily ticket Adult (more than high school student) 800 yen
Junior high student, woman, 70 years old or older 400 yen
Spot selling Adult (more than high school student) 1,200 yen
Junior high student, woman, 70 years old or older 600 yen
Annual Adult (more than high school student) 4,000 yen
Junior high student, woman, 70 years old or older 2,000 yen

※Less than primary schoolchild are free
※As ticket is 1,200.- yen, we recommend the prior purchase for spot selling one day.
※Please note that age ticket is limited in number.

Play fishing ticket sale place

Hiroshi Ashizawa's house TEL. 0555-84-2028
Oh-usu-soh TEL. 0555-84-2539 2911, Shibokusa, Oshino-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi
Maruten fish shop TEL. 0555-84-2109 114, Shibokusa, Oshino-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi
Edo shop fishing pond TEL. 0555-84-4548 204, Shibokusa, Oshino-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi
Lawson Oshino Shibokusa store TEL. 0555-84-3963 103-1, Shibokusa, Oshino-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi
Rivers edge TEL. 0555-84-4833 3265-5, Shibokusa, Oshino-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi (fly fishing shop)

※Sale time 8:00 share - 20:00 share (share ..., Lawson sell Hiroshi Ashizawa's house for 24 hours at 6:00)

Instructions to enjoy fishing

  • Oshino is brought up by spring of beautiful Fuji and is valuable flow to have water temperature suitable for habitation of pink salmon through one year. In addition, it features this spring creek to drift to sphere of life of various places of villager who can access not what is the out-of-the-way heart of a mountain easily. As there is place where there is fishing by the kindness of people lived in in Oshino, we understand the point and hope that he/she considers. Even if, in edge of the eaves of private house, make a hit early in the morning, calmly…I would like cooperation.
  • Let's use barbeless hook as much as possible!
  • uedingu is not necessary to lose good change in Oshino. I would like cooperation to do good fishing as precious waterweed is washed down for unprepared uedingu, and there is redd at the bottom of a river of small gravel.
  • Angler of one of most enjoys in Oshino in limited area.
    When we subscribe the next point immediately, let's enjoy for a roar in entering earlier comfortably.
  • Including empty can, plastic bottle, garbage of lunch and package, cigarette butt of unnecessary line, leader, tippet, fishing tackle please take to go by all means. In addition, please pick up even one if you find garbage in fishing ground. I would like cooperation so that there is pleasant fishing by flow of pure spring forever.

Parking lot (please use the following parking lot)

Fishermen's cooperative association for free parking lot Neighborhood of dresser bus stop (yakiniku Edo shop, the neighborhood of meal hearth) Google map
Oshino Kogen Hotel parking lot 〒401-0511 3102, Shibokusa, Oshino-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Google map