Specialty local cuisine which can feel nature which made use of the subject matter brought up in nature straight

In Oshino-mura, taste of summer highland vegetable is particular to be on plateau of approximately 940m above sea level. When it is in summer when it must be even if taste of "corn" says let alone "cucumber" "eggplant" "Morocco kidney beans" "tomato" Japan's most, we demand corn of Oshino, and many people visit from the prefecture outside. There is not the sea among mountains in every direction, but there are restaurant and accommodation which foods grilled with salt of rainbow trout which is particular as for the taste of river fish brought up by water of Oshino, sashimi of washing and rainbow trout of carp can eat. In water town Oshino-mura, we used delicious water to various food from old days. Customer goes to visit to buy the taste from outside the prefecture in tofu shop where "side" and "udon" "Hoto" forms a line in Uchino district two by reputation again in noodle making place to be dotted with in village. Because water is good, healthy chicken grows, and therefore egg is exquisite, too. Tamago kake gohan which hung raw egg to hot rice is addicted if we eat once.

Oshino Soba, udon

"Oshino Soba" which famous clear water and nature bring up

Oshino SobaPopular one of the Oshino, "Oshino Soba." We are proud of simple taste without additive and chewy noodles. In fact, Oshino-mura is buckwheat flour production center that is the most excellent in Yamanashi. Continental refreshing climate suitable for soba cultivation and famous clear water springing out of the interior of the womb of Fuji are secrets of taste. Many shops in village provide discerning soba which we pulled each, and many tourists visit for taste of famous clear water. As hand-kneaded experience-based lesson of Soba, Hoto is held, please participate.

"Udon" to taste in Oshino

Udon of OshinoYoshida-no-udon which strong noodles of waist and soup stock which we took slowly and carefully and Horse meat are attached to thickly. We can eat daring udon without difference between becoming full in here Oshino-mura if we eat one cup. Bowl is full of cabbage and seasonal vegetables making it easy to digest noodles performed closing a bargain of in each shop, noodles with full of the volume in stomach. In addition, we can taste freshly-fried tempura using vegetables from hometown depending on shop. We will add "SURIDANE" if we want to add change to taste. This spice made of sesame, Japanese pepper, chili pepper totally varies in compounding by shop. It ranges from extremely hot thing to thing of refreshing sharp taste. Individuality of builder appears simply because it is simple udon.

Tofu of Oshino

The finest "tofu of Oshino" which is made with spring of Fuji that was chosen to 100 selections of famous clear water

Tofu of OshinoSpring which water of Oshino-mura spends time of several decades while slush of Mount Fuji soaks into bave rock, and we are filtered by lapilli, and drifted to the bottom of the earth is chosen official guarantee to "100 selections of whole country famous clear water". Of tofu which created "tofu of Oshino" has high popularity, and is made from the water from the whole country by spring of Fuji demand, and visit. Although there was tofu maker more than ten in old days; now "Hakkai tofu" only as for two houses of "Tofu station Sumiya tofu shop." We want you to taste by all means.

Corn of Oshino

Corn of Oshino

Corn of OshinoAltitude of Oshino-mura is 940 meters. It becomes highland vegetable, and corn in particular has sweetness very much, and, in about August that is seasonal time, even field comes over, and there is freshness so as to be just raw, and to be able to eat. Corn of Oshino is sweet. northern foot of Fuji area including Oshino-mura is land blessed with the making of vegetables. Direct sale place is opened farmhouse by the roadside when we reach harvesttime. Person eating corn in Oshino for the first time tells, "we have not eaten so sweet corn" with everybody mouths together. Please try person who has not eaten yet by all means.