Mt.Takazasuyama, Mt.Syakushiyama route

Turn left at the office of Oshino village this side, Oshino elementary school ground, via forest road Asumi Oshino line to Toriichi pass. We go ahead through forest road extending to the east from mountain pass and we pass through pine wood of the sky and Japanese nutmeg field of one side and are the Mt.Takazasuyama mountaintop when we finish climbing steep slope last. From the mountaintop, we can overlook Mount Fuji, Oshino-mura. We withdraw from the Mt.Takazasuyama mountaintop once, and there is takeoff point of hang glider in the middle of climb climbing again along ridge. It is the Mt.Syakushiyama mountaintop when we pass through the up, forest zone at a stretch from here. Mount Fuji, it is Lake Yamanaka under eyes in front. Furthermore, 360-degree panoramas such as the Southern Alps, Oku-chichibu, Tanzawa Range open (the photograph right: Mt.Syakushiyama)

Nijumagari pass, Mt.Ishiwariyama, Mt.Ohirayama route

Place where we pass through village of Uchino and turn Sin-Nashogawa river bridge to the left and climbed the east is Nijumagari pass. From observation station, we can overlook Mount Fuji and Oshino-mura. Mt.Ishiwariyama from Nijumagari pass can observe stock of tree and Cirsium purpuratum such as Quercus crispula by following mountain path. Grassy plain where flowers bloom in profusion in the Mt.Ishiwariyama mountaintop. It is perfect Mount Fuji location. It is come before long by Mt.Hiraoyama door when we go down gentle ridge way for a while from the Mt.Ishiwariyama mountaintop. It becomes rapid slope from here, but there is the Mt.Ohirayama mountaintop when we finish climbing. Please enjoy superb view where Mount Fuji enlarges the foot far away of Lake Yamanaka. (the photograph right: Mt.Ishiwariyama)

Preparations and manner of hiking

Preparations for hiking

Lunch Lunch on top is the best! Let's take a break slowly!
Rucksack rucksack Let's choose thing of size that matched own health with around 20-30 liters of things.
When size shop does not fit, it leads to fatigue.
Mountain climbing shoes Mountain climbing shoes of higher frequency elimination to cover to ankle are passable.
We protect ankle and are designed so that injuries such as sprains are hard to be caused, and leather + nylon pro-light mountain climbing shoes that one pair is light, and there are many handy prices of the beginning are recommended.
Rain outfit Rain outfit is absolutely necessary for hiking and mountain climbing. As for the rain outfit, separate type is the best.
Moisture-permeable waterproofing such as Gore-Tex is recommended! (slightly expensive)
Other rain outfits including spats are convenient, too.
Headlight For case that descents from a mountain of emergency became slow.
Not type on hand headlight type (waterproofing specifications)◎
Nylon bag Garbage is take-out in mountain. Let's bring garbage bag by all means.
We breathe and ask For prevention of dehydration and heat stroke hydration well.
There are individual differences, but around 1 liter is recommended.
Hat For awning of the summertime. View security at the time of rainy weather, snowfall. Cold protection.
Gloves (work gloves) We protect hand from rising and pest. Thermal insulation of bloodstream distal end called the fingers.
Leisure sheet We protect clothes and food from sand or mud. Rain-cover. As rucksack cover, substitute is possible. In rainy day, it is convenient to wrap thing which is in trouble when we get wet. It is applicable in various ways.
Heavy winter clothing-proof When local temperature is low, body warms during action, and, as for sweating, body gets cold at a stretch when we stop a little and take a break. Thing of full zipper which takes off, and wears, and is made quick casually is ◎. We substitute with rain jacket in the summertime.
Cooker It is not necessarily necessary, but is convenient when we drink tea on the mountaintop.
Stock We support weight movement and balance at the time of walk by power of the hand. We reduce burden to foot at the time of landing to some extent. We see person using branch well, but let's use thing put together for own body as we sell cheap thing.
Compasses, map Hiking course of Lake Yamanaka includes signboards and is maintained not to lose the way, but, for emergency, let's prepare. Things of 100-yen shops are impossible. The SILVA (Silva) compasses number third class is recommended.
Engineered foods Compact engineered foods which met condition not to need moisture when we eat resisting drying are recommended. By hiking of exercise, we have meaning called supply of energy from head to foot. As means of relieving fatigue, please add to belonging.
Candy, dried fruit, marshmallow, small yokan, mandarin orange
Towel We sweat and use when we became dirty.
Emergency tool Band-Aid, antiseptic solution, cotton, anti-itch cream, sunscreen
Life sheet Cold protection, storm, heat sheet-proof. Emergency seat which prevents drop of temperature at time to bivouac.
Whistle At the time of emergency including time to call for help
Bear bell which is

Bell which avoids encounter with bear. If one of the companions attaches, it is OK!

Manner of hiking

  • Garbage lasts, and let's take kaesa rimasho food, drink, cigarette butt, other garbage home with us by all means. We affect nature, the ecosystem.
  • Accumulation of one step not to deviate from mountain trail may change vegetation.
    When you take photograph in particular, please be careful. It is apt to deviate from mountain trail before we notice.
  • We are thoughtless, and let's refrain from plant collections more than required even if it is place that can gather plant which we do not gather.
    In addition, in national park, special protection district and natural monument area of quasi-national park, plant collection is prohibited.
  • Manner ski pole of use of stock is convenient tool reducing fatigue, but it is to tool injuring nature at the same time.
    Let's follow two points of next. We touch chief on the tip. We do not attack place that deviated from mountain trail.
  • It thinks of restroom carefully, and, using portable toilet, it is the best to take to go. At place that left mountain trail and water source at least when there was not.
    Leaving of tissue is strict prohibition (the resolution takes time too much).
  • Basics, please support this that the up is given priority on seeing the situation. You should give priority to descent.
    As an example, we give two.
    ○Place (rocky places) where descent is highest-risk than the up.
    ○Uphill group is a great number of people.
  • Except bear tool which is walking calmly, let's walk in nature calmly.
    There are stillness, person for ease for hiking, too. There is person enjoying birdsong, sound of swamp.
    Please do not forget heart to get close to naturally.