Oshino Hakkai Festival

Oshino Hakkai Festival 2017 Oshino Hakkai Festival is held this year. Festival is held for "eight" every year on August 8. Main venue is Oshino junior high school school ground. Festival is held from morning, and, other than performance and Bon festival dance of drum, eight characters roast and fireworks display are performed, too. Three copies of fireworks performed in climax in particular become constitution, and, for 8, 6,888 fireworks are launched. Music fireworks launched to big ball and music rhythmically, 45 minutes of the best part including Mount Fuji-shaped Niagara! Let's make summer memory with Oshino together by all means!
※On the day I would like early outing as congestion is expected.

2017 Oshino Hakkai festival schedule

Time Event name Venue
Part of the morning
9:00 ... Morning market (Hedamura, royal gift forest, JA) others The office of Oshino village east side parking lot
10:00 ...  Ceremony House parking lot adjacency open space of muki
From 10:00 to 15:00 River fishing experience Aharagawa river
Part of the afternoon
From 13:00 to 17:00 Playground equipment Oshino junior high school school grounds
13:00 ... Space squadron kyurenja
13:30 ... Shiningly ☆Pre-cure a la mode
14:00 ... Autograph session
14:15 ... Grand Sumo Tournament Michinoku room
14:45 ... poniarohafurasutajio
15:05 ... Oshino Sports Club
15:30 ... Studio K. D. C
From 15:30 to 17:30 Central part aviation musical band concert (the 14:30 opening) Contact hall
From 16:00 to 16:50 Space squadron kyurenja + autograph session Oshino junior high school school grounds
From 16:50 to 17:40 Shiningly ☆Pre-cure a la mode + autograph session
From 17:40 to 18:10 North Fuji Four Devas drum Oshino junior high school school grounds & Mt.Takazasuyama
From 18:10 to 18:25 Ceremony Oshino junior high school school grounds
From 18:25 to 19:30 Enjoying the cool breeze meet
(the 19:00 eight characters roast ignition, eight launching)
From 19:30 to 20:00 sakado drum
20:00 ... Oshino Hakkai Festival fireworks display
1.Princess work of Nature produce fireworks
2.40 times of memory fireworks (the history of Oshino Hakkai)
3.Big ball fireworks
4.Fireworks musical 1
5.Fireworks musical 2
※Parking lot, please use Oshino small ground, health center, Oshino community center parking lot

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Sponsorship: Oshino Hakkai Festival executive committee
The office of Oshino village tourism industry section TEL. 0555-84-7794
Oshino-mura tourist association TEL: 0555-84-4222
e-mail: guide@oshino.jp

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