Business hours of Q1 Oshino Hakkai?

As for A1 Oshino Hakkai, in other ponds except Sokonukeike pond, visit is free for natural scenery.

As for the Oshino Hakkai, visit is free for natural scenery. Among Oshino Hakkai, [Sokonukeike pond] is available for visit until from 9:00 to 17:00 for opening time to be in site of Hannokibayashi museum. In the case of Sokonukeike pond visit, it costs admission (when it is more than less than 150 yen, 1 year old - primary schoolchild 100 yen ※ 15 lower than 300 yen, primary schoolchild, we pull 50 yen more than junior high student) of Hannokibayashi museum.

Is there Q2 parking lot managed by village? Rate of parking lot?

There is no A2 parking lot managed by village now.

There are approximately ten places of private parking lots around Oshino Hakkai. Rate is a little different at each parking lot, but is usually around 1,000 yen by 300 yen, large car by car.

We want to go around sightseeing spot nearby by Q3 taxi…

A3 Oshino taxi tel: Please cause 0555-84-2535.

Is there place to eat delicious soba, Hoto near Q4?

Site of tourist association of A4 Oshino-mura look at "we eat"

Where is the nearest bus stop of Q5 Oshino Hakkai?

In the bus stop of A5 express bus, as for to Tokyo Station, to buster Shinjuku, please be careful in different one in "Oshino Hakkai" (God Tsuruhashi) "Oshino Hakkai" (Ohashi). In the case of route bus, it becomes [Oshino Hakkai] or "Oshino Hakkai entrance".

Does Oshino Hakkai from Q6 Lake Kawaguchi have going direct bus?

There is route bus of A6 Lake Kawaguchi - Oshino Hakkai direct communication.

When you use anything other than direct route bus, please use getting off at Mount Fuji Station, route bus or "fuji lake" tour bus by bus or train from Kawaguchiko Station. In the case of bus for Mount Fuji Station - Oshino Hakkai - Lake Yamanaka - plains, the nearest bus stop is [Oshino Hakkai] by route bus. In the case of bus for Mount Fuji Station - Oshino Hakkai - Uchino, it is "Oshino Hakkai entrance". In the case of "fuji lake" tour bus, Oshino Hakkai nearest bus stop is [Oshino Hakkai].

The nearest IC when we go by Q7 car

It varies according to A7 coming courses.

When you come from Gotemba, it is east Fuji Five Lakes toll road Lake Yamanaka Oshino IC. When he/she comes from the Otsuki area, it is Lake Kawaguchi IC. From mountains Oshino IC to Oshino Hakkai, it is approximately 20 minutes from Lake Kawaguchi IC for approximately ten minutes

At the Q8 end of the year, do shop, restaurant near Oshino Hakkai hold the beginning of the year?

Through the A8 year, it is open.

We want to do Q9 Hoto, making soba experience

As of A9, we open experience-based classroom using the accommodations.

We are opening experience-based classroom using the accommodations now. Apply for Oshino-mura tourist association over email or telephone by one week.

Can you see Mount Fuji from Oshino in Q10 now?

Please see A10 Oshino-mura live camera

Oshino-mura live camera http://www.vill.oshino.yamanashi.jp/

Please introduce Q11 somewhere, hotel, guest-house nearly Oshino Hakkai.

Please see "we stay" of our A11 site

Where is Q12 tourist brochure? Is there brochure of root to walk?

We can download from Web site of A12 Oshino-mura.

How long does it take visit time of Q13 Oshino Hakkai?

It takes from one and a half hours to two hours when past all A13 Hakkai.

Can you observe Q14 Oshino Hakkai with pet?

A14 is possible, but please find by lead by all means not to be a nuisance to other customers.

Is there done restaurant of lunch in Q15 group?

It is in group reservation possible place in "we eat" of our A15 site.

We want to do fishing in Q16 Oshino, but what should I do? Is there fishing pond? Where can you purchase play fishing ticket?

The A16 details, please identify Web site of Oshino-mura.

Katsuragawa river flowing near the one of Oshino Hakkai is place that it is possible for of fishing in spring creek having only three places in Japan.

Can you draw water with Q17 Oshino Hakkai?

Water of pond of A17 Oshino Hakkai is prohibited for natural monument.

What is noted product of Q18 Oshino-mura?

It is A18 side, corn, tofu, mugwort steamed bun.

Is there place to be able to take photograph in Q19 Oshino Hakkai in group?

There is no A19 particularly place preparing for. You are careful around, and please photograph.

Can you observe Oshino Hakkai with Q20 wheelchair?

A20 is available for Wakuike pond, Kagamiike pond facing the paved street.

Is there one-day hot spring near Q21?

There is hot water of A21 rouge Fuji by car to around ten minutes.

For more details, please see hot water official site of rouge Fuji. Hot water official site of rouge Fuji