Snow information 2 of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.2.12

Weather is fine weather now we got cold well on the early morning of today (-7 degrees Celsius).
Snow which fell the day before yesterday almost melted yesterday when sunlight was good.  

But snow which melted in the daytime is ice = in a part of main road, the subroad particularly the shade
We become icy road. (→ photograph)
Do not neglect confirmation of traffic condition and measures of snow and ice at the time of outing here
Give. Of chain offer; or studless tire wearing is requisite.

Confirmation of traffic condition to this.
              ↓ ↓ ↓
      "Oshino-mura tourist information center" TEL 0555-20-4221

Snow information of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.2.9

Snow which has begun to fall from early morning still continues to fall as of 15:00,
The present snow is 8�.
When it is forecast, it seems to stop falling tonight in 6-8:00.
In total of number of ten � will be snowed.

Gone to here from now on, returning are attention to slip enough
Please do. Is person to visit by car in after tomorrow studless tire?
Chain is necessary.

At first, before departure, please confirm traffic condition.
In the confirmation, please come to "Oshino-mura tourist information center" (0555-84-4221).

Great rice mortar small rice mortar 5

UPDATE: 2017.2.8

-It is � about - - - large rice mortar

The top of the crater left on the east side is rope in view being good, and positive falling silent, and but there being
Person lived for the sentence era. Much straw-rope patterned pottery is discovery from there

Can arrive at easily now from western first impression road, besides,
Trail maintained well is prepared. It is kan in anyone casually
It can merely arrive at the crater top.

We can look down at eruption trace under the eyes on the way. It is diagonal during long time
Erosion earthslide of aspect deposits and levels out and sees like the bottom of the bowl
We cannot soak. Majestic figure of produced Mount Fuji of right and left balance can do viewing from interval.

Imminent eruption way of speaking is very rare thing nationwide. It is visited by Oshino Hakkai
ta is place wanting you to come by all means.
 To be continued                       (Horiuchi)

News of Koyo Okada photograph Museum, Kunio Koike picture letter Museum closed days

UPDATE: 2017.2.6

Koyo Okada photograph Museum and Kunio Koike picture letter Museum in Shikinomori Oshino park are closed for display substitute during from Monday, February 6 to Friday, February 10.

Setsubun festival of Shibokusa, Oshino-mura Sengen shrine

UPDATE: 2017.2.3

It is "Setsubun" before day on (February 4) in one "Risshun" of 24 ends of the year. One year
It is the turning point that divided this into four of the four season. Therefore Setsubun is one
There is 4 times a year, but Setsubun on February 3 as so-called "Setsubun" tei
We arrive.

Then why would this day become pronoun of "Setsubun"?
This is because "Risshun" has on the next day. The four seasons are cold in clear Japan
Tell the end in winter when te is hard, is ji by festival "(begin) which spring rises" the day before
Horn becomes Setsubun festival of Shinto shrine origin. By the way, Setsubun of temple system "Setsubun society"
We say (setsubune or sechibune).

Setsubun always comes together with "the bean-scattering ceremony". "Out with the demon, in with fortune" extremely generally
It is demanded term. With bean, it has various opinions with fortune with ogre
masu. Of “ peach which we threw if we sent away demon with bean by interpretation of me style in the ancient times
Food is choice for demon with substitute, ogre of kind "in "winter" when cold not to be produced is severe, too
We consider to be act to screen demon with te, bean. And is warm; and of the crops is produced
It is the arrival of "spring = fortune" that is season.

The grand bean-scattering ceremony was practiced in Shibokusa, Oshino-mura Sengen shrine today.