Mountains (3) Mt.Syakushiyama of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.3.1

It is chosen as Mt. 100 Yamanashi at 1,597m above sea level. Starting point is 4 routes
There is. Course, the west that spend southeastern Mt.Takazasuyama, and pass "vast zasu mountain pass"
Course that starts from firmness hot water of this, and goes by way of "vast zasu mountain pass", muki of the north side
It is course from Hara and course from Nijumagari pass. Recommendation is Oshino-mura
It is southeastern course located in this.

We go down from there when we stand in top of Mt.Takazasuyama. And "large zasu
We walk many ridge ways of going up and down to mountain pass. We take a roundabout way in several places of ridge
As there is rocky place that there is not of this, the passage requires attention.

Is loose from vast zasu mountain pass; become uphill, and turn into steep grade near the mountaintop. The up
After having been over, we can enjoy vast panorama of superb view.
What we can see Lake Yamanaka, and there are differences between Shibokusa district and 50m in is identified.
(Lake saying Utsu is impossible commonly!)

Mountain (= Mt.Takazasuyama) such as "boiled potato mashed in a tea cloth" is seen in the lower right of photograph, from the foot
We can know figure differing from scenery. And magnificent Mount Fuji to see to hem
It is 1:00 of Chinese quatrain in this for a while.
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

Mountains (2) Mt.Takazasuyama of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.2.27

It is mountain of 1,304m above sea level to be located in the back of the office of Oshino village. From the government office side
This cannot confirm the form to be specific. As is independent peak; Yokote (e.g.
When is from Uchino district) or higher place (e.g., the Mt.Syakushiyama mountaintop), location
We can know form such as the tip of tto.

Hillside slope was old days, "Japanese nutmeg collecting place", but is not doing the use now.
Special event of Hakkai festival that Japanese nutmeg collecting trace keeps intact and is held every year on August 8
It is used by (eight characters roast).

Mountain climbing is easy. Anyone can enjoy climbing carelessly. In spite of being low mountain
We can enjoy whole view to see to hem of Mount Fuji from the hillside. Of course it is the mountaintop
Superb view from this does not extend if we say. Photograph is thing from the hillside. →
We see Shibokusa district under eyes.

Starting point goes by car to Toriichi pass, and please start from there.
But buses cannot park.
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

Snow situation February 25, 2017 of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.2.25

Snow which has begun to fall yesterday from about 16:00 seems to continue by forecast until early morning, the following day
We did. However, it stopped snowing at midnight, and the snow got off with 3cm.

But snow freezes in a part as cooling this morning was approximately -7 degrees Celsius
We go down. Snow is left in the shade or sideway, and freeze is seen, too.

As of 10:00, most of the snow of the main road is sutaddore in coming loose
Stai-ya will not be necessary.
But take chain for precaution.

Mountains (1) of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.2.24

Oshino-mura is constructed in Uchino district, Shibokusa district and Hirayama district.
In the mountains where Uchino district and Shibokusa districts continued clockwise in the southeastern area from the west
We are surrounded. It is on difficult, steep mountain range such as the Japan Alps
We can enjoy mountain climbing and hiking for inode, the four season.
(but some equipment is necessary in winter.)

We have magnificent Mount Fuji south. The powerful charm from those mountains
zen which right and left balance is good and cannot see from lower (e.g., Oshino-mura)
Body majestic figure is wish merarerukotodesu. Mount Fuji which opens of the very large foot of Japanese
It is right object which people of the world long for without seeing, and becoming.

As for not only mountain climbing or hiking but also a lot of one where photograph is taken one year
It is place that goes, and is visited. Recommended mountain and peak are Mt.Takazasuyama, ladles
It is Mt. child, Mt. Shishidome, mound mountain pass, Nijumagari pass, Mt.Ishiwariyama of ritsu and Mt.Ohirayama.

We will introduce these mountains as series from now on.
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

24 end of the year "rainwater"

UPDATE: 2017.2.17

The spring's first south wind rages now.
We are exposed to "rainwater" of 24 ends of the year tomorrow. Snow which fell in this season
As this turns into "rain", and ice which froze turns into "water", we ask "rainwater"
u kisetsugo would occur.

We name two weeks from this day to "Keichitsu" rainwater, but are prepared for farming
It is seasonal word that promoted this. Spring is others in season word of news to visit soon
It does not become. Still full-scale snow will be ream such as about one from now on
shibareru cold sanihaosarabadesu on day. de is, so to speak, cold in cycle of three cold days and four warm days
If there is this, it is days of sign a little more in spring with warm day.

We remembered the following phrase.

     seisuikana that freeze is removed and draws into writing brush, and to dry    Basho Matsuo 

 We made sumi liquid with spring water of will) ice which froze, but there is little quantity
    All node writing brushes absorb.