Setsubun festival of Shibokusa, Oshino-mura Sengen shrine

UPDATE: 2017.2.3

It is "Setsubun" before day on (February 4) in one "Risshun" of 24 ends of the year. One year
It is the turning point that divided this into four of the four season. Therefore Setsubun is one
There is 4 times a year, but Setsubun on February 3 as so-called "Setsubun" tei
We arrive.

Then why would this day become pronoun of "Setsubun"?
This is because "Risshun" has on the next day. The four seasons are cold in clear Japan
Tell the end in winter when te is hard, is ji by festival "(begin) which spring rises" the day before
Horn becomes Setsubun festival of Shinto shrine origin. By the way, Setsubun of temple system "Setsubun society"
We say (setsubune or sechibune).

Setsubun always comes together with "the bean-scattering ceremony". "Out with the demon, in with fortune" extremely generally
It is demanded term. With bean, it has various opinions with fortune with ogre
masu. Of “ peach which we threw if we sent away demon with bean by interpretation of me style in the ancient times
Food is choice for demon with substitute, ogre of kind "in "winter" when cold not to be produced is severe, too
We consider to be act to screen demon with te, bean. And is warm; and of the crops is produced
It is the arrival of "spring = fortune" that is season.

The grand bean-scattering ceremony was practiced in Shibokusa, Oshino-mura Sengen shrine today.

Great rice mortar small rice mortar 4

UPDATE: 2017.2.1

-It is � about - - - large rice mortar

We are located on southwestern side to 800m from small rice mortar. Figure of solid (large rice mortar small rice mortar
 2) It is complete earthenware mortar state such as small rice mortar to know if we see this
There is not this and is form that approximately a one-third vanished in the west.

Eruption time is approximately 10,000 years ago. Bottom diameter 250m, relative height 40-50m, fire
Diameter is approximately 170m, and become eruption way of speaking that is much bigger than "small rice mortar"
We go down.

It is thought that originally this ground was slightly elevated independent mountain. kyukishinfushi
In the formative period of volcano, produce phreatic explosion on the left side from the center, the hillside
It is thought that we let you collapse.

Being washed away of lava is not accepted as well as small rice mortar. For digging survey by geological feature research institute
When stop by, the circumference surface soil, volcanic ashes, pumice approximately 4m, alternated layers of sukoria
We are confirmed. In addition, the Nashigahara lava flow that the times are old in the lower part of small rice mortar
We existed, but it is not detected under the large rice mortar.
 To be continued                       (Horiuchi)

Great rice mortar small rice mortar 3

UPDATE: 2017.1.29

-About - - - small rice mortar

The location is located in the immediate back of "Sakana park" parking lot.
It is crater in hillside which faced the north side. The crater top falls down to the north side
You are slanted, and walk there as you just stay without being weathered
We can go around.

Bottom diameter 100m, crater diameter are 40-50m, wonderful conical * approximately 20m in height
It is found out at the crater. We enter inside and can stand at bottom.
Eruption time is approximately 12,000 years ago. It occurred at the time of kyukishinfushikasankeinari
It is side volcano crater. We can see the form anytime even now.

As it is phreatic explosion type, lava which began to flow is not founded. It is wealth around
Volcanic ashes, pumice, sukoria (we ask "tephra" collectively to be accompanied by at the time of Mt. person eruption
u) makes alternated layers and has thickness of 3m. Furthermore, it is exploded in the bottom
"The Nashigahara lava flow" which flowed out by Mount Fuji eruption before exists.

When it visited Oshino Hakkai, it is recommended to observe this place.
 To be continued                       (Horiuchi)

Superb view Fuji from the Mt.Syakushiyama mountaintop

UPDATE: 2017.1.26

This place is superb view from the ladle mountaintop on coolest January 24.
Overall majestic figure who is symmetry unlike seeing Mount Fuji from bottom is wish mera

Shibokusa, Oshino-mura is Fujiyoshida-shi, the far-off distant place under the right hand in the left hand lower part
The Southern Alps where the whole is covered in snow in this are enshrined.
In addition, in the lower left Mt.Takazasuyama (takazasuyama) such as the capsule head of spaceship
We see this, too.

It was approach from Oshino-mura this time. Start from Oshino junior high school
And it is return of the same course. It was 6-hour mountaineering of snow and ice.

Great rice mortar small rice mortar 2

UPDATE: 2017.1.25

-- - - location and shape

Southwest side 850m includes "small rice mortar" from Oshino Hakkai. The extension
It becomes "large rice mortar" to be 800m earlier in line. For internal form the former
This is small crater, of earthenware mortar is. The latter is * with large size
As the center of fire slipped off, a part is form of defective earthenware mortar.

Steam that these rose at the time of side volcanic eruption of the Shinfuji volcano formative period of Mount Fuji
It becomes eruption way of speaking of explosion (it has the same as Mount Ontake eruption).
The times will be our ancestors in what seemed to get up 10,000-12,000 years ago now
Nobody witnesses this. Surely we make great scene at the time of eruption
you. It is really surprising that there was crater in our imminent place.

Place is within walking distance from Oshino Hakkai. Of 15-25 minutes
We can arrive by walking of this. In addition, it is ho at the upper part peripheral with both craters
kukotomo is made. Named splendid trekking it is sure.

We downloaded figure with thing of Geographical Survey Institute issuance from WEB. The light and shade
We can grasp the form in stereoscopically displayed one accompanied by this well.
To be continued                       (Horiuchi)