Snow information of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.1.8

It has begun to snow today from the early afternoon.
We photographed photograph at 15:45. The current snow is approximately 7cm
desu. We seem to continue to fall by forecast until the morning of tomorrow.

It is thought that it is considerably lied tomorrow morning as it is when we continue going down.
Returning person, please be careful about slips enough from now on.

One that can come here tomorrow is ki shitekuda by all possible measures for preventive measures against slips
sai. Chain or studless tire is requisite.

In addition, snow information is question in "Oshino-mura tourist information center" (TEL 0555-84-4221)
Let me be.

Phrase to enjoy the New Year

UPDATE: 2017.1.7

Greeting the New Year. It is greeting of the New Year that we are late.

Morning of New Year's Day, beautiful red Fuji such as photograph are wish meraremashita.
There is song enjoying first menaradekosono of year.

 Like both liquor and rice cake to like; spring this morning  
                   Kyoshi Takahama

 Stupidity is moderate, too; I am spring
                   Issa Kobayashi

 Spring sea hinemosunotarikutarikana
                   Buson Yosa

 Spread newly (new); is omoi udochi at the beginning of year
        If you are and crowd, are you glad?
                   (Manyoshu tanka collection) Funado
   Note) "dochi:" Friend

 Today's alcholic drink (tamahabaki) of Hatsuko (Hatsune) of the New Year
         Life that tori rukarani is shaken by in hand
                   (Manyoshu tanka collection) Yakamochi Otomono
   Note) "Hatsuko:" Rat day (ne of the sexagenary cycle) of the beginning of the year 
     "Alcholic drink:" Broom "life:" Beads-formed string

It is Mount Fuji this morning

UPDATE: 2017.1.5

Good morning!

It is tourist information center staff Masataka Watanabe!

Oshino-mura that is cold this morning
Couple becomes a dependent and walks

Sightseeing spot Oshino Hakkai which turns around on foot

It is ideal for date!

Everybody come by all means, too!

Greetings of the New Year

UPDATE: 2017.1.4

A Happy New Year.
In this year, become smile good luck much one year of all of you to glisten.
In this year thank you for your cooperation.

News of Oshino-mura tourist association, Oshino-mura tourist information center year-end and New Year suspension of business

UPDATE: 2016.12.27

Thank you very much for you always seeing homepage of Oshino-mura tourist association.
Oshino-mura tourist association, Oshino-mura tourist information center assumes during Tuesday, January 3, 2017 the year-end and New Year suspension of business from Thursday, December 29, 2016. As usually from 9:00 a.m. do business on Wednesday, January 4, 2017; thank you for your cooperation.
In addition, come by all means for the year-end and New Year holidays when you can observe Oshino Hakkai freely throughout the year.
Thank you this year for one year.
Have good age of everybody.

Oshino-mura tourist association
All the Oshino-mura tourist information center staff