Roof of thatch 4 of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2016.12.4

-- - Japanese nutmeg ground

Japanese nutmeg ground was several places in old days. One is heap of Mt.Takazasuyama of Oshino junior high school mountain behind
It is stomach. Japanese nutmeg collecting is not carried out now. “ eight characters of August 8
As it becomes sacred rites ground of grilled ", it is hillside slope of grassy plain which there is not of tree in time of peace.

Only north Fuji practice hall commonage spreading out in Mount Fuji range, one place are Japanese nutmegs now
It is place. Because practice ground commonage is so, but Mt.Takazasuyama gets good Japanese nutmeg, too
In the age early spring, we do burning off a field.
By the way, udo, bracken, royal fern stoop down after open incineration; kino
ko becomes excellent production center that wild plants can harvest abundantly.

Several degrees villager performs Japanese nutmeg collection in this ground for one year (payment), and is heaped-up in warehouse; ho
We exist. And kept Japanese nutmeg is with product to sell to the whole country
 To be continued                       (Horiuchi)

2017 calendar beginning to sell

UPDATE: 2016.12.1

Good morning!
It is Oshino-mura tourist information center staff Masataka Watanabe!

Today's Oshino-mura is cloudy sky
Air was chilly, and it was cold from morning

If notice; another December
It is already December from today

One year is instant

By the way
Concerning December
We have great popularity every year
Sale of Oshino-mura calendar began from today!

Photograph of seasonal beautiful Oshino Fuji
We can look every month

Price is 1,000 yen
The number of the sale becomes Part 1000, too

Sale is the office of Oshino village
Shikinomori Oshino park
Oshino-mura tourist information center

The information desk and Shikinomori Oshino park become sale only for direct window

Specifically, please see homepage of Oshino-mura!

Roof of thatch 3 of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2016.11.28

-- - The materials

"Japanese nutmeg" is used for thatched materials. We do with generic name of roofer materials with "Japanese nutmeg"
te, plant named "Japanese nutmeg" do not exist. Of gramineous various perennial plant
It is generic name.
As for them of here, three kinds of "cogon" are often found "sedge" "Japanese pampas grass"
Do. Above all, "Japanese pampas grass" almost becomes.

In construction they in the whole roof of house approximately 50-60cm
We spread all over thickness without gap.
Because it is natural thing, naturally there is life. It is 30-40 with the "Japanese nutmeg"
We reroof once a year. Therefore the maintenance cost is natural unlike general roof
It becomes large.

At first is it kyo in the stillness when we watch on function side when we enter thatched family?
It is done. Superior insulation characteristics, breathability are perfect. Modern noa
Insulation-related heat retention to have thatched even with rayuru construction materials and technique
・Making roof which had rain-related breathability, acoustic absorption characteristics-proof
It is not averageness.
To be continued                     (Horiuchi)

Road surface information

UPDATE: 2016.11.26

Good morning!
It is tourist information center staff Masataka Watanabe!

We were surprised at snow of the other day
At such time as for nobody
We say, "we did not think that we fall so much" with mouths together
I am the one, too

We did not think that we fell so much (sho

By the way, it is the weekend from today

You go out, and please come to all of you Oshino-mura!
Everybody who comes by car!
As we finish the snow removing of road in village
Don't worry!

As there is only place freezing up including some shade
Come by careful driving!
We wait!

Snow information 2

UPDATE: 2016.11.25

Snow information 2

Because of cloudy sky, do not see Mount Fuji yesterday; did, but turn is clear today.
Fuji where we had snow on can do viewing clearly from Oshino-mura.
It is perfect weather to visit this.

But for visit please being careful!
It fell to -8 degrees Celsius this morning. Freeze is seen in road surface.
Chain or studless tire is requisite.