Great rice mortar small rice mortar 1

UPDATE: 2017.1.22

-With - - - large rice mortar small rice mortar

Crater of Mount Fuji exists a lot in not only that of top but also the hillside to the foot
We are doing. We name those volcanoes side volcano, but see from the Fuji mountaintop
There is predominantly many in the te northwest area and we see a lot in the southeastern area and are kicked.

There are not many numbers in the northeast, southwestern direction either, but side volcano exists at the same time
masu. It is characteristic of eruption of Mount Fuji that side volcano is concentrated on the cross.
Side volcano will occur on the crossline (cross line).
Taking place at line of cross jostle (Eurasia play of plate
Applied power that to and Philippine Sea plate) causes brings.
Detailed mechanism leaves out here.

Seeing from the Fuji mountaintop, Oshino-mura becomes northeast direction, but is 13.5km from the mountaintop
We can confirm two side volcano traces of this in Oshino-mura. Each "large rice mortar" "the small
We call ourselves rice mortar. Seeing from the mountaintop, it is side volcano in the most far-off place.
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

Twenty-four seasons in the old calendar "Daikan"

UPDATE: 2017.1.19

It will be one "Daikan" of 24 ends of the year tomorrow. Cold becomes severest in one year
We say season. January 20 of solar calendar is usually appointed. With the lunar calendar
It may be January 21 from connection of this.
It is good for the name of "Daikan" (?) Big chill attacks now in the Japanese Islands
It is node, terrible cold.

15, minimum temperature on 16th recorded - 15-16 degrees Celsius in Oshino-mura
We do in this. But one which is dumber in one year has just begun.
"Calendar manual" It is "cold yurukotono shi rite jin dashikitonareba *" and explanation in this

If cold has just begun, but, in public performance, becomes colder until Risshun (February 4)
It is thought. For water pipe freeze, icicle (icicle) of the eaves being careful.

Note / "calendar manual:" Commentary book of calendar published in 1787 (Tenmei 7).
   tagensai (taigensai) work

Festival of the travelers' guardian deity

UPDATE: 2017.1.13

From morning, we decorate festival of the travelers' guardian deity in officer and children of each district this year.
Sacred tree is put up every travelers' guardian deity whom there are ten places in in village, and stone small shrine of travelers' guardian deity decorates with upper rates and hiichi, colorful origami.
We can look at sacred tree displayed neatly today from 13th to 15th.
Come to Oshino-mura to see Mount Fuji and festival of the travelers' guardian deity!

(photograph is the decoration of Shimomura.)

The present situation of road and the "Oshino Hakkai" circumference of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.1.13

It is eliminated, and heavy snow a few days ago can almost run without problem about road.
However, it is the situation that left snow becomes hard ice in the shade, and is dangerous at all. In addition, point where it is in "icy road" where snow which dissolved in Japan and China at place of the sun freezes in the night is founded. Please be careful.
Visitor by car would like the equipment for chain to studless tire to this by all means.

In the "Oshino Hakkai" circumference, in some places, snow is trod down on, and there is place becoming soft and smooth ice, and snow begins to melt, and there are "way of ice" and place where it is.
Come to tour with grippy shoes of footwear with slipper or net bottom.

Traffic condition by the snow

UPDATE: 2017.1.10

Oshino-mura where snow was piled up more than 50cm two days ago. It is cleared road of snow, but do not forget wearing of snow tire when you come by car becoming icy road!
It snows, and cold day continues, but Mount Fuji and snow scene of Oshino-mura, please go out in clothes warm by all means which are superb view.