"White bear" appears in Mount Fuji

UPDATE: 2016.12.22

Live in hometown, and look at Mount Fuji every day in at dusk that is morning, but until now
Mind is discovery of fu or thing that it became. (we have been already by any chance widely known
Fuji where we are blessed with weather recently for several days and had snow on is viewing day after day
We can do it. It is from morning to morning that Fuji looks beautiful. Because,
Time when sunbeam hit slant superior from just beside is kyo on outline and the face of the mountain of Fuji
This is because it does cho.

Therefore figure of Fuji after the afternoon thought that there was not charm.
But. We see unexpected thing from porch of house and, in dusk, are better
ta. When there do not be thing like eyes, and was rank, but see carefully first; below
ha Exit! Is it not what and white bear?

Probably part of eyes will be rock shadow appearing only in dusk. Part of mouth and nose is tree
Boundary with forest Zone appeared. Still, nature weaves; is interesting
We are moved by the skill.


UPDATE: 2016.12.13

Speaking of living fossil, representative is thought floating ka in "coelacanth" in fish
bemasu. It is "king crab" in crustacea. Then if become tree; "meta
As for the sequoia let's be. It is conifer of Cupressaceae

"New generation Tertiary period layer" where this too unfamiliar tree says by the geological age
ni fossil was seen, and it was thought that we became extinct.
It is awfully old geologic time 2300-2,580,000 years ago with "new generation Tertiary period"
desu. It is tree left in such old stratum as fossil.
However, the tree thought to have become extinct is Sichuan, China in 1945
Because we were discovered, the new share issue spread out in the world. Possibly,
Is that of Oshino-mura survival from Tertiary period in huge tree reason, new generation?

Several "metasequoias" grow in here Oshino-mura as huge tree.
It is unusual ancient leaf which grazing dinosaur would eat.
As it is fallen leaf, we turn red. Unfortunately leaf almost falls now.
Look at "living fossil" here.
We introduce the location at "Oshino-mura tourist information center".

Roof of thatch 5 of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2016.12.8

-- - Future problem

After investigating house of existing roof of thatch in Oshino-mura
11 things left as, house (including guest-house) are “ arbores
It is 11 houses for tourist facilities such as ". If just a little with 22 houses in total
Do not assert; do not obtain. It is the present conditions to decrease whenever the times pass

Precious need nikararema of historic, leaving as national inheritance in history
Do. Maintenance, the establishment of organization engine of preservation seem to be need, too, but present conditions dehaso
rega is not founded.

The construction such as reroofing is accompanied with vast budget. We bear only in individuals
nihaamarini is too heavy. Thus, we must think about establishment of public funds support
It will not become.

It is important to maintain climate dearebakosono "roof of thatch house" of Oshino-mura
We think of nakototo.
 The end                      (Horiuchi)

Today's Mount Fuji

UPDATE: 2016.12.5

Good morning!
It is Masataka Watanabe of the tourist information center staff!

Today's Oshino-mura is neat blue sky
We can watch vaunted Mount Fuji clearly so good

Cold air flows and
Even if we look around the mountains of the circumference
It became scenery like winter significantly

If we notice
Oshino-mura has been completely winter

As for such matter of course
It is thing which does not understand that we do not walk the outside slowly

Bottom of winter sky
To be past atmospheric country scenery on foot
Oshino Hakkai is good

Mount Fuji to see from the eighth hallowed ground Shoubuike pond neighboring Shoubuike pond park

Roof of thatch 4 of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2016.12.4

-- - Japanese nutmeg ground

Japanese nutmeg ground was several places in old days. One is heap of Mt.Takazasuyama of Oshino junior high school mountain behind
It is stomach. Japanese nutmeg collecting is not carried out now. “ eight characters of August 8
As it becomes sacred rites ground of grilled ", it is hillside slope of grassy plain which there is not of tree in time of peace.

Only north Fuji practice hall commonage spreading out in Mount Fuji range, one place are Japanese nutmegs now
It is place. Because practice ground commonage is so, but Mt.Takazasuyama gets good Japanese nutmeg, too
In the age early spring, we do burning off a field.
By the way, udo, bracken, royal fern stoop down after open incineration; kino
ko becomes excellent production center that wild plants can harvest abundantly.

Several degrees villager performs Japanese nutmeg collection in this ground for one year (payment), and is heaped-up in warehouse; ho
We exist. And kept Japanese nutmeg is with product to sell to the whole country
 To be continued                       (Horiuchi)