About restoration of FAX

UPDATE: 2018.8.24

It was FAX which malfunction followed, but restored today.
We can accept even FAX about application of guide and various inquiries.
We caused nuisance, inconvenience.

About malfunction of FAX

UPDATE: 2018.8.23

FAX of tourist association, tourist information center is not usable by trouble from the other day.

We would like telephone about application of guide and various inquiries.
Tourist information center 0555-84-4221 (from 9:00 to 17:00)
Tourist association 0555-84-4222 (from 8:30 to 17:15)

In addition, we will plan after 8/27 next week about the time of restoration.
We guide in this latest information as soon as we restore.

As serious inconvenience, I apologize for the inconvenience, but understanding cooperating
Thank you in advance.

Oshino-mura tourist association Masataka Watanabe

About partial change of the 41st Oshino Hakkai Festival

UPDATE: 2018.8.7

The 41st Oshino Hakkai Festival that holding was planned on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 was changed with approach of typhoon 13 partly.

In addition, we are going to postpone about fireworks on Sunday, September 9.

Fuji and poppy

UPDATE: 2018.7.8

Mount Fuji which had the cause of blue sky, cloud to hang over shines brightly in the background and is seen
masu. It is flower of poppies in full blossom now to open in front.
Place is countryside of Uchino, Oshino-mura district. It is up-and-coming spot now.

Oshino Hakkai TV appearance information

UPDATE: 2018.7.6

It is Watanabe of the tourist association staff!

From today 19:30 of broadcast plan
Oshino Hakkai is introduced by NHK Yamanashi quest.

See Oshino Hakkai in local glance, foreign countries glance; temirutoiuyona
It becomes pleasant variety show.

I appear a little, too.
Look at everybody by all means!