Tomorrow's Hakkai Festival is held on schedule!

UPDATE: 2017.8.7

Hakkai Festival on Tuesday, August 8 is carried out on schedule tomorrow.
To many of you, thank you for your concern by weather.
We look forward to your coming early while hoping that rain stops.

Junior high student comes for occupation experience!

UPDATE: 2017.8.1

Three Oshino junior high school second graders come to the information desk for occupation experience today for two days tomorrow.
He/she tries help or study of information desk duties hard!

It is comment of three people.
"We came in workplace experience from all over the Oshino. As it is pleasant place, please come!"
"Come for Oshino Hakkai by all means!"
"Please come to the Oshino village tourist office."

If this occupation experience has a good experience, we are glad!

Pond [4] "Asaji" of Oshino-mura �

UPDATE: 2017.7.6

As measured in this neighborhood, and, according to signboard, there was not waterwheel, of neighborhood
It seemed to proper in people who came to ask for rice cleaning from village very much. From there, it is waterwheel
We took "car" of this and ate, and the name of place "car" was born.

Temperature of spring expresses in signboard with 12 degrees Celsius throughout the year, but so
We have low temperature or question with top. Thickness of lava is approximately 10m
Groundwater transmitted through the lower part in this is because the underground is not so deep.
Actually, we take temperature soon.

The following thing is written to signboard, too. Because fresh air gets cold in “ winter
Steam attaches to tree and becomes the rime on trees. It will be exactly like that ".
We have not seen yet, but challenge if time comes.

After all we do not think to be drawing card nihadesuga, excellent product, but 31-syllable Japanese poem appears.
We introduce it.
     It is * kiizuru on high peak of Fuji to look up at 
                Water of Asaji of clean flow
To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

Pond [3] "Asaji" of Oshino-mura �

UPDATE: 2017.6.30

Let's introduce "Asaji" first. Place is located to the Oshino-mura center south
masu. We eat and are pond in site of "car" and of place. Google map
Consist of three ponds roughly when you increase in this
We see. But they are connected when they actually see ho
You may consider to be one pond in this.

Hawk Maruo lava (Mount Fuji which is covered in water source hatoiimasuto, this neighborhood whole area
It is from retainer of one of the lava). ; when spring out, and mouth goes to back pond, can confirm
masu. It is springing out thick and fast now.

There is signboard which wrote history of this "Asaji" in the middle of the pond. In it
It is grandfather called *taro during until 1940 from the beginning of the Meiji era when we stop by
We seemed to turn waterwheel using nga spring. From there "Asaji"
The name called this seemed to be acquired.
 To be continued                       (Horiuchi)

Village Oshino Hakkai clean campaign of 2017 water source 

UPDATE: 2017.6.24

"Village Oshino Hakkai clean campaign of water source" was carried out today.

More than 80 volunteers who gathered blessed with weather with cleaning around the Hakkai,
We did mowing of Sin-Nashogawa river bank.

All of participation really thank you.

Come to volost, Oshino-mura of water of scenic beauty.
We wait.                     (Goto)