Pond [1] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.6.20

Oshino Hakkai of eight ponds in Oshino-mura is too famous. Then of “ water
Is there not other pond in volost "Oshino-mura? In fact, it is it and jiho
Pond of which number lies scattered. Not aquarium water source with spring mouth
Pond of approximately eight nature increases when we apply condition that there is.

One and there where we spoke with former article, but here Oshino-mura was lake in the old days
That pass, and lava from Mount Fuji flows, and make lava plateau; is geographic
There is characteristic.

It may be said that Uchino district is land which developed on the plateau. Lava stand
Spring of abundant quantity of water without dying always flows out of the bottom end of the ground and
We go down. The name is not acquired, but is excellent although being small
na *suiike exists. A part of Shibokusa district is water ganakunattede of the bottom of the lake
It is Hirano who came. This is called bottom of a lake plains, but *kuchi = pond of water is left and
We put away.

A certain religious group having fixed eight ponds for sacred place among *kuchi which there were some
It is beginning of Oshino Hakkai. (or it is "Moto-Hachi-ko" "former Hakkai" before it call
It came out.)
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

Why "Oshino Hakkai" is Hakkai not eight ponds [two]

UPDATE: 2017.6.8

Reasons that named "eight ponds" "Hakkai" are as follows.

Absolute ego scheme is school of mountain worship to go through flow of Mt. Hiei-zan Tendai sect system. Of Tendai sect
One of the basic sacred books has Lotus Sutra. God of the guardian deity of Buddhism of the Lotus Sutra is 8 hashira*
There is. It is said that those gods follow Oshino Hakkai separately and
We go down. That is why the Ryuo name of Hakkai is named separately.

We name the gods eight dragon kings, but it may be said that it is eight biggest dragon King. Dragon King
When is God who is worshiped everywhere in Japan, and is popular, but is God of water; do
By the way, it is God of agriculture. To ancient times, us as agricultural people "water"
Is special for to "God"; was considerate.

Pattern that each of Oshino Hakkai is small pond has value that dragon King lives in
The name of "Hakkai" is charge account and others that we are equal to the sea as it is pond
 The end                        (Horiuchi)

Why "Oshino Hakkai" is Hakkai not eight ponds [one]

UPDATE: 2017.6.4

Pond in Oshino-mura makes ablutions for believer of Mount Fuji faith from old days (purification ceremony)
It has been used as no pond. We are said to be "Moto-Hachi-ko" until last years of Edo era
Religious group which started the maintenance to see teorimashitaga, stormy pond
But, we appeared.

From unusual weather that attacked the whole Japan where we went down, and doing was said to be "great famine of the Tenpo era,"
A large quantity of starver occurs; and Oshino-mura (the Edo era does not have this name of a village)
But many dead people appeared.

Guide playing with many prostitutes and entertainers friend gate-guard office (Yamanashi of absolute ego scheme (Mount Fuji faith) to see this terrible sight 
Daimon, Ichikawa village mayor) cast 1,800 materials aside and achieved revival of pond
It is noga 1843 (Tenpo 14).
Thereafter Moto-Hachi-ko came to be said to be "Oshino Hakkai" then.
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

White flowers are in full bloom.

UPDATE: 2017.5.28

We reach in full bloom of tree of four kinds with many numbers in white blossom like photograph now in Oshino-mura
By the way, we can see. Is clockwise from leaning to the left; Mari Ode (very much
Playing with a ball hitting with the hand), spirea (child playing with a ball hitting with the hand), spiraea (spirea) and Viburnum tomentosum
(thicket playing with a ball hitting with the hand) desu.
Generally, tree refers to flower in katakana, but the most are kanjis
But, we are called on. As for these four flowers, form matches kanji really and,
We deserve to be rather than katakana.

Great playing with a ball hitting with the hand, child playing with a ball hitting with the hand, thicket playing with a ball hitting with the hand are similar to form of flower and have the name of "playing with a ball hitting with the hand"
When it is called kind that masunode has the same, it is different. Only child playing with a ball hitting with the hand is another kind.
It is plant of rose family.
Great playing with a ball hitting with the hand and thicket playing with a ball hitting with the hand are the same kind of Caprifoliaceae. The former is kind improved variety of the latter
tonarimasu. Thing of nature which grew on mountain is thicket traditional Japanese handball. It is garden variety in it
It is large playing with a ball hitting with the hand to see today that made ni selective breeding.

Spirea is rose family, and it may be said that rather it is species near child traditional Japanese handball. Branch is iku from the ground
Charge accounts innumerable with flower of 5 valves which book is divided, and is small, but harks back to cherry tree in each
masu. Naming from looking like "willow" covered with "snow" is clear.

Water [11] of Oshino ingredient balance

UPDATE: 2017.5.22

Let's see ingredient balance of water of Oshino. As follows.

The hardness is 60; mineral
Sodium: 5.3 mg
Calcium: 16 mg
Magnesium: 5.1 mg
Potassium: 1.5 mg    (per 1 liter)

It is water which balance is really good for. Right delicious mineral water
It is value of.
That of Oshino-mura really has good balance as showed with "water [5] of Oshino"
We show mineral content. We express really splendid number.

We cook rice and make the effect and it is delicious to tea, coffee and doubles for taste of udon side
Appreciate water here.
That it is good for fair skin, by the way, when we soak in bath (?) .
 The end                       (Horiuchi)