Cherry tree information 8

UPDATE: 2018.4.19

It is Oshino-mura tourist information center staff Watanabe!

Cherry tree along Sin-Nashogawa river was scattered very much.
We think whether today or tomorrow is the last.

Still oily perfume or flower carpet to be able to look at only at this time
We can enjoy cherry tree still more.

Cherry tree information 7

UPDATE: 2018.4.18

It is Oshino-mura tourist information center staff Watanabe.

It is likely to rain in today's Oshino-mura from morning
Rain seems to stop by forecast in the afternoon

Cherry tree begins to be scattered
Peak of in full bloom goes too far
We just think that would be good to enjoy oily perfume.

It blooms and we are scattered and look forward to pleasure
Cherry tree is really good

Cherry tree information 6

UPDATE: 2018.4.15

It is tourist information center staff Watanabe

It is the situation of today's cherry tree

It went by yesterday's wind and rain to some extent, but is in full bloom still more

It is very fine, and blue sky opens today

It is Oshino-mura of The air is full of spring

Cherry tree information 5

UPDATE: 2018.4.14

Cherry tree of lighting up

Is cherry tree along Sin-Nashogawa river which became in full blossom on 13th, but as for the present light up
We are doing.
We are picked up gorgeously from sunset to 21:00.
When lightener is cherry blossom of resplendence of all sorts of flowers, the world unlike lunch spreads out.
As you are held until 19th, come to here.

Cherry tree information 4

UPDATE: 2018.4.12

Hello, it is state of today's cherry tree.

It blooms for eight minutes and blooms for ... nine minutes and is in full blossom soon!

Please come to look at cherry tree of Oshino today as it will be fine tomorrow.
Unfortunately, so that it is rainy forecast, but period of in full bloom continues on the weekend
We staff prays, too.

We carry out lighting up (until sunset - 9:00) until 19th.
Come carefully.   Goto