Water [11] of Oshino ingredient balance

UPDATE: 2017.5.22

Let's see ingredient balance of water of Oshino. As follows.

The hardness is 60, mineral
Sodium: 5.3 mg
Calcium: 16 mg
Magnesium: 5.1 mg
Potassium: 1.5 mg    (per 1 liter)

It is water which balance is really good for. Right delicious mineral water
It is value of.
That of Oshino-mura really has good balance as showed with "water [5] of Oshino"
We show mineral content. We express really splendid number.

We cook rice and make the effect and it is delicious to tea, coffee and doubles for taste of udon side
Appreciate water here.
That it is good for fair skin, by the way, when we soak in bath (?) .
 The end                       (Horiuchi)

Spring of water [10] Mount Fuji of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.5.17

As introduced with "water [1] of Oshino", tap water of our village is wealth
ba for mineral that rain snow water which fell in Mt. person passed in underground 50~70 year
It may be said that it is ideal water which Lance is good for. In other words, mineral water is snake
It always means that we are provided from mouth.

In indosui, it is ko with facilities of expensive "mineral water" in other ground
Is it not the fact to be doing nyu?
We say honesty personally, and it can be understood that we take out money and buy water in old days
We were not precocious. This is because good water was always provided from faucet.

What we visit various places in Japan recently and feel is <Mount Fuji
We spring of this>We untie and be sold in trademarks called <mineral water of Mount Fuji>
It is that water which there is is seen anywhere. It is splendid in its own right.
But we think that local water should assume <water of the foot of Mount Fuji> partly. Why
Then this is because water systems are different.
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

Water [9] of Oshino origin �

UPDATE: 2017.5.12

It is water which was in the ground in front for underground 50-70 years. Mineral balances, too
We should adapt ourselves to well. We will look at rock of the underground which water went along.

Hard stone blackish together of the foot of Mount Fuji is founded everywhere.
Mount Fuji repeats eruption without several degrees and is doing a certain figure now. Of eruption
We spitted out verge, almost always a large quantity of lava. ko
We are, and thing (tens of thousands of years before ten) of the times forms layer, and there is in the underground.

Real identity of blackish rock is called "basalt". It is obstinate, heavy volcanic rock.
In the case of eruption of Mount Fuji, we burst into laughter in large quantities. Become specialized, but the underground
This lava which this has of rock is composed primarily, and pyroxene, olivine, plagioclase
But, there is and includes a lot "mineral" in this.

As water which evaded the lava health of "the second layer" is tap water of Oshino,
We must take in mineral in a good balance. Cold,
Grounds of "water of delicious Oshino" are right here.
 To be continued                         (Horiuchi)

Cherry tree information [the last chapter] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.5.8

We were blessed with weather for Golden Week of this year. As for losing petal
We seemed to be hasty. Main Yoshino cherry tree is completely scattered, and become cherry tree with early leaves
We go down. We expect full bloom boisterous dance of the next year.

Full bloom was over, but can still enjoy various cherry trees here.
Wild cherry that white petal is wonderful is in full bloom. Of crimson having a long life of flower
We can enjoy Prunus subhirtella still more. Pink edohigan where hono is light,
Part of weeping cherry tree which is the subspecies is seen.

The height is yaezakura now. After, as for this cherry tree, most flowers were gone; flower open
We come. It is late-blooming, but monopolizes elegance as if we were waiting
We are doing. Two yaezakura is meeting eteorima in full bloom in the circumference of Wakuike pond
Do. Big petal which became several folds is pink that hue has dark
We break node ichisomokuritsu.

Cherry tree information [as of May 1] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.5.1

When it is the third day for Golden Week, we pass mountain pass, and cherry blossoms in full bloom are scattered and are the beginning
mashita. Wonderful co-early-flowering cherry completely becomes cherry tree with early leaves.
There are both Yoshino cherry tree and tree which has begun to be scattered, but depending on place still more
It is the clothing in full blossom.

We entrust wind to occasionally blow, and storm of falling cherry blossoms occurs. In the sidewalk, petal is san and others in one side
White point point of gone petal flows through bari, surface of a river of Sin-Nashogawa river.
When make another several days, the whole area becomes carpet of petal, and bury surface of a river with fair petal; jin
It will become "oily perfume" which was able to rot (hanaikada).

It is yaezakura to bloom next. With many, but the number is shimmei*
It is planted along the river. If the splendor of Hanasaki shit says to nine of eight folds
We are not equal.