Village Oshino Hakkai clean campaign of 2017 water source 

UPDATE: 2017.6.24

"Village Oshino Hakkai clean campaign of water source" was carried out today.

More than 80 volunteers who gathered blessed with weather with cleaning around the Hakkai,
We did mowing of Sin-Nashogawa river bank.

All of participation really thank you.

Come to volost, Oshino-mura of water of scenic beauty.
We wait.                     (Goto)

Pond [2] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.6.24

Of water spring out, and mouth is not from the bottom of former lake. From under lava plateau
It springs out. It is one of the Oshino Hakkai (natural pond of Uchino district is all.)
"Deguchiike pond" is water with water which begins to spring out from the lower tip of "Nashigahara lava plateau"
We assume source.

When put up pond except Oshino Hakkai, "Asaji" "pond in Asaji" "blunder
you pond "shrine dedicated to the spirits of the war dead side pond" "twins Pond" "hot water no tree pond" "pond" "hashibami
Tree pond of this" , "Masu-no-ie pond" It is 2 people of posterior lobe in spite of being nadogaarimasuga, regret
As this is water which we pumped up, we do not include in "natural pond". Why is it?
The reason why we treat in ra, this report is that spring of nature intends for pond to make.
(in addition, as "pond does not have official pond name, it is the temporary name.)

In addition, it was "middle pond" in Hakkai center, but this material was field originally.
This pond is springing out naturally now, but will be artificial now several years before 40
It is pond made by this. Therefore we do not take up the details in this report. But,
Quantity of water springing out is not half-done. Probably it is 1.3 ritsu in every second
One meter springs out. Even if say aquarium, is Oshino-mura; the first
Tourists crowd.
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

Pond [1] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.6.20

Oshino Hakkai of eight ponds in Oshino-mura is too famous. Then of “ water
Is there not other pond in volost "Oshino-mura? In fact, it is it and jiho
Pond of which number lies scattered. Not aquarium water source with spring mouth
Pond of approximately eight nature increases when we apply condition that there is.

One and there where we spoke with former article, but here Oshino-mura was lake in the old days
That pass, and lava from Mount Fuji flows, and make lava plateau; is geographic
There is characteristic.

It may be said that Uchino district is land which developed on the plateau. Lava stand
Spring of abundant quantity of water without dying always flows out of the bottom end of the ground
We go down. The name is not acquired, but is excellent although being small
na *suiike exists. A part of Shibokusa district is water ganakunattede of the bottom of the lake
It is plain where we came to. This is called bottom of a lake plains, but *kuchi = pond of water is left
We put away.

A certain religious group having fixed eight ponds for sacred place among *kuchi which there were some
It is beginning of Oshino Hakkai. (or it is "Moto-Hachi-ko" "former Hakkai" before it call
It came out.)
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

Why is "Oshino Hakkai" Hakkai not eight ponds [two]?

UPDATE: 2017.6.8

Reasons that named "eight ponds" "Hakkai" are as follows.

Absolute ego scheme is school of mountain worship to go through flow of Mt. Hiei-zan Tendai sect system. Of Tendai sect
One of the basic sacred books has Lotus Sutra. God of the guardian deity of Buddhism of the Lotus Sutra is 8 hashira*
There is. It is said that those gods follow Oshino Hakkai separately
We go down. That is why the Ryuo name of Hakkai is named separately.

We name the gods eight dragon kings, but it may be said that it is eight biggest dragon King. Dragon King
When is God who is worshiped everywhere in Japan, and is popular, but is God of water; do
By the way, it is God of agriculture. To ancient times, us as agricultural people "water"
Is special for "God" in this; was considerate.

Pattern that each of Oshino Hakkai is small pond has value that dragon King lives in
The name of "Hakkai" is charge account and others that we are equal to the sea as it is pond
 The end                        (Horiuchi)

Why is "Oshino Hakkai" Hakkai not eight ponds [one]?

UPDATE: 2017.6.4

Pond in Oshino-mura makes ablutions for believer of Mount Fuji faith from old days (purification ceremony)
It has been used of this as pond. It is said to be "Moto-Hachi-ko" until last years of Edo era
Religious group which started the maintenance to see teorimashitaga, stormy pond
But, we appeared.

From unusual weather that attacked the whole Japan where we went down, and doing was said to be "great famine of the Tenpo era,"
A large quantity of starver occurs, and Oshino-mura (the Edo era does not have this name of a village)
But it was resulted in many dead people.

Guide playing with many prostitutes and entertainers friend gate-guard office (Yamanashi of absolute ego scheme (Mount Fuji faith) to see this terrible sight 
Mayor of Daimon, Ichikawa) cast 1,800 materials aside and achieved revival of pond
It is noga 1843 (Tenpo 14).
Thereafter Moto-Hachi-ko came to be said to be "Oshino Hakkai" then.
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)