Cherry tree information 3

UPDATE: 2018.4.11

It is tourist information center staff Watanabe

It is state of today's cherry tree
Is it coming out from coming out for seven minutes for six minutes?

Petal seemed to be strongly gone and was anxious about large variable today
In addition, we stack that one on the weekend as it is rain forecast and are uneasy

Full bloom seems to be the weekend
We want you to do your best without losing wind in the rain

In addition, going to see cherry blossoms at night light up begins from yesterday
From sunset to 21:00
We plan 19th during conduct period

Photograph of going to see cherry blossoms at night intends to update if it becomes in full blossom

Don't miss it!

Cherry tree information 2

UPDATE: 2018.4.7

Bud of Yoshino cherry tree which swelled out opened flower. It is blossom declaration as of today
We do.

As warm day continues, speed to open of flower is considerable than average year
It is hasty sign. Early in the morning is already open here and there in the afternoon
Cherry tree which we made flower is seen plenty. We do with coming out now in the afternoon for one minute.
Full bloom is thought to be next Saturday or Sunday 4-5 days later in in full bloom.
Please come to flower-viewing excursion to Oshino-mura.

About homepage resumption

UPDATE: 2018.4.5

It is Watanabe of the Oshino-mura tourist information center staff.

We closed homepage for system failure for long term, but reopen from today.
We apologize for having caused inconvenience, trouble very much.
I'm sorry.

April begins, and it is slow in Oshino-mura, but spring comes.
We intend to update states of information and Oshino Hakkai of cherry tree at any time.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Cherry tree information 1

UPDATE: 2018.4.5

It is Oshino-mura tourist information center staff Watanabe.

It is information of cherry tree.
Photograph is state of cherry tree along Sin-Nashogawa river.

It is state of bud still more.

Some co-early-flowering cherries begin to bloom little by little
Riverside Yoshino cherry tree seems to still appear until flowering a little more.

Flowering expectation is 4/9
Expectation of in full bloom plans 4/16.

We will update information of cherry tree at any time from now on.

Information of other detailed cherry trees
Oshino-mura tourist information center
Please refer for madeo.

Masterpiece of local primary schoolchild!

UPDATE: 2018.3.7

It is Oshino-mura, Yamanashi tourist information center staff Watanabe!

We display handmade tourist brochure by local Oshino sixth graders in the information desk!
About Oshino Hakkai of course
Various things including the history and dialect of Oshino-mura are written and are the very pretty finish!

Display period is until the middle of March and very short period, but please come if look by all means!

We will want you to make by all means next year

Masataka Watanabe