About conduct of Sin-Nashogawa river row of cherry blossom trees light up

UPDATE: 2017.4.18

We carry out light up of row of cherry blossom trees along Sin-Nashogawa river this year.
Row of cherry blossom trees of 200 Yoshino cherry trees.
Cherry tree projected by light is very fantastic.
We wait for coming of all of you.
◇Conduct period◇
From Friday, April 21, 2017 to Sunday, April 30, 2017
◇Lighting time◇
Sunset - 9:00 p.m.
It is around 100 meters of Murahashi - Ohashi down stream in Shibokusa Sho Niina riverside

We perform drink service to the first 50 people in Omiya Bridge bus stop side "pocket park" from 6:00 on the afternoon of Sunday, April 23, 2017.

It is cherry tree information

UPDATE: 2017.4.18

It is Masataka Watanabe of the tourist information center staff!

It is the situation of cherry tree as of 4/18!

Warm day continues for these past several days and
Cherry blossoms which were bud flowered

It still blooms for one minute and blooms for two minutes and is degree
It got more like spring little by little

Depending on place and kind
There is tree which does not bloom still more

It depends on weather and temperature
We think whether in full bloom is reached in the end of this week or next week

As we think that we change in each day
Please feel free to contact!

Oshino-mura tourist information center

Cherry tree information [as of April 17] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.4.17

It is cloudy sky in the morning in the afternoon of thing which it was fine. But temperature is calm; cherry tree
Swelling of no bud advances smoothly, too. Most of the cherry trees in famous place of Oshino-mura
But, there is a little remainder, but, with Yoshino cherry tree, co-early-flowering cherry occupies.

Cherry tree information uttering here is that of Yoshino cherry tree. Co-early-flowering cherry
Because no flowering is earlier than Yoshino cherry tree, we have already already flowered.
By the way, is Yoshino cherry tree, but already open like photograph; is just before. Day after tomorrow ku
We think that rainiha flowering is seen.

One week later, quite see after flowering as for the full bloom time; do
We think that it is about 6th on April 25 at the time.

Water [8] of Oshino origin �

UPDATE: 2017.4.17

After when water of "the second layer" goes on the south, I mean Fuji mountain side, altitude rises,
As lava of new age deposits, we are deepened more from the surface of the earth.
Water intake place exists near the national highway of 980m above sea level. It is two to underground 50m
We lay pipe of book and install two pumps in that and cross to huge water tank
We retain water which we put up.

It is 950-970m around Hakkai of Oshino-mura in 932m above sea level, Uchino district
node, altitude difference produce flow (drop) of water. Huge water which collected afterward
We are connected to water pipe which puts water of cistern in village, and rotates. Which faucet
Water which had karamo pressure surges. Using altitude differences and mountainous area
We think to be usage that ta is really effective. But it is high place place of Uchino: 970m area
Because there is loss of the water pressure in the above-mentioned ground, enough quantity of water is not provided. kono
We pursue water source in mountain behind in district.

We described water of "the first layer" with water which soaked into the underground several years before 20,
Then we do not become clear how far water of "the second layer" is in front of. The ground
We think from laminar structure and quite think whether it is water before 50~70 year.
It is <water> which spends really long time in the underground, and appeared on ground.
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

Water [7] of Oshino origin �

UPDATE: 2017.4.16

Two origins of tap water of Oshino-mura are thought about. One is so from Mount Fuji
We do, and the other is thing from the mountains of Uchino district rear.
Rain snow water that tap water which led to most families of Muranaka fell in Mount Fuji
We entered the underground and drew it. It is "Oshino Hakkai" water for your information
We appeared on ground from the underground after ha 20 several years.

Well, the water is different whether it is conducted water into water pipe. Oshino-mura
There is layer of three water in no basement. When we see from the surface of the earth around Hakkai,
In the water vein layer (the first layer) first in 10m below ground area, 20-25m area of the second
The water vein layer third in layer (the second layer) and 35-40m below ground area (the third layer)
But, there is.

Water which Oshino Hakkai breeds in as stated above is jo kima in "Deguchiike pond"
We do and are water of "the first layer". Water temperature through the year 13 degrees Celsius (temperature of the underground)
de is constant. It is cold <. Really,>
What is used for tap water becomes water of "the second layer" under the first layer.
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)