Cherry tree information [as of May 1] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.5.1

When it is the third day for Golden Week, we pass mountain pass, and cherry blossoms in full bloom are scattered and are the beginning
mashita. Wonderful co-early-flowering cherry completely becomes cherry tree with early leaves.
There are both Yoshino cherry tree and tree which has begun to be scattered, but depending on place still more
It is the clothing in full blossom.

We entrust wind to occasionally blow, and storm of falling cherry blossoms occurs. In the sidewalk, petal is san and others in one side
White point point of gone petal flows through bari, surface of a river of Sin-Nashogawa river.
When make another several days, the whole area becomes carpet of petal, and bury surface of a river with fair petal; jin
It will become "oily perfume" which was able to rot (hanaikada).

It is yaezakura to bloom next. With many, but the number is shimmei*
It is planted along the river. If the splendor of Hanasaki shit says to nine of eight folds
We are not equal.

Cherry tree information [as of April 28] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.4.28

Three days passed since full bloom of Yoshino cherry tree. kohiganza where it bloomed early
kura has begun to already drop petal. It is san ribari, surface of a river on street
There is in this. However, Yoshino cherry tree is almost piled now
We do in this. By the way, in fujizakura.

Golden Week finally starts from tomorrow. Cherry blossoms in full bloom
It is reliable to be able to enjoy festival to bring of this.
Fine marks increase by weather forecast from rank on the weekend, too, and temperature rises as never before, too
We seem to do.
Visit Oshino-mura by all means for clear and mild Golden Week.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom are too wonderful. We share and introduce one Manyoshu tanka collection.

 ・It is omoi hite hyo (occupy) shiashihikino today (kefu)
            The top kicks peak for coming out that cherry tree lacks in
               Yakamochi Otomono (thing and rice cake)

  We think to be for today of will) this year and we attach badge to cherry tree of mountain and put
    mashita. It has already bloomed wonderfully in that way.

Cherry tree information [as of April 25] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.4.25

We are clear in light navy blue, and one piece of thing wearing is today of weather that we want to take off
Do. It may be right said that it is ideal day for cherry blossom viewing.

It became approximately in full blossom except some yaezakura (double cherry blossom). Professional
There are many group or family visitors daylong, and photographer of, flax comes.
Of course, the powerful charm in full blossom is rammaisaki of Yoshino cherry tree (Yoshino cherry tree)
We do in this. As we occupy about 80%, we are overwhelmed for crowding together of flower.

Co-early-flowering cherry (small early-flowering cherry) that hono was red passed peak a little,
It is resplendence of all sorts of flowers still more. And crimson hikanzaku to hang down, and to bloom
Lah (Prunus subhirtella) presents comparison with Yoshino cherry tree and attracts attention still more.
There is a few, but wild cherry tree (wild cherry tree) is seen, too. Characteristic with leaf
As flower opens at the same time, we are distinguished easily. We do not do showiness, but are possible
We cannot miss simple and elegant fujizakura (Fujizakura) for pity.

We can enjoy surely from today to the Golden Week.
Everybody come to this place all together.

Cherry tree information [as of April 23] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.4.23

It passed on 6th after we flowered. Tree which is near full bloom in the approximately expected situation
There is this, but it seems to have possibilities to be said that it is coming out as a whole for 7-8 minutes.
We may enjoy full bloom of all cherry blossoms from 24, about 25th.
During Golden Week is the highlight from this week.

In front of flower of blooms in profusion, we introduce two songs of Manyoshu tanka collection in connection with cherry tree.

 ・haruai of (kozo) decreases last year and does and does for love to you
              We let you meet and kick cherry blossoms
                Wakamiya sweet fish Maro (wakamiyanoayumaro)

  It was will) last spring. Meet you with this cherry tree ground to bloom, and love feeling
    We learned. Though time is coming again now.

 ・Glance mere with cherry tree which can bloom in glen (whether mountain)
              We see to you and receive any seteba oka omoi
                 Ikenushi Otomono (and thing is not good)

  Cherry tree blooms in will) valley wonderfully. It is one for you who are far distantly
    We want to show even eyes. We want to know how it will seem.

Cherry tree information [as of April 20] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.4.20

We do blossom declaration of cherry tree of 2017 with April 18 the day before yesterday. hyo
Five or six of them opened flower to associate toshiteiru Yoshino cherry tree. Yesterday is Kofu-shi
It was warmth to think of to be abnormality as having recorded 29.5 degrees Celsius in this. here
But it is thought that flower opens at early speed as it was 22 degrees Celsius and the warm daytime

Temperature rises today. As yesterday, it be fine
It is calm climate. Cherry blossoms begin to open so that we are tempted into this temperature and are better
ta. Early tree is still already coming out with thing which blooms for three minutes, and there is thing of rank, and is late
Beginning metatabakaridesuga, it may be said that it is coming out as a whole for 1-2 minutes.

Several kohigansakura is planted among Yoshino cherry trees.
This one is already in full blossom. A large number of Japanese and foreigner it
We did in the background and faced shooting.