Taste of water [5] water of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.4.6

For mineral there is many; there is few, and do not do becoming for decisive factor of taste of water.
Then water is good; at first what will being be based on? It is Omojiro here
We are, and there are data. Places much in JR with kara groundwater with construction along the line
Gather, and investigation predicts movement of the underground from the ingredient analysis kara; of disaster
We foresaw life. In addition, we checked taste of those water.

We actually serve as a reference very much as it is document which we drink and collected. It depends on it
Various minerals that analysis of ingredient named "famous clear water" dissolved in water in to, the whole country
It is that ion has constant balance good point. Specifically, it is na
Thorium ion (NaI), potassium ion (KaI), Mg2+
(MgI) , calcium ion (CaI), hydrogen carbonate ion (ClI) are roses
nsu is to mix well.

Well, the ratio of ion data of water which it is an example, but is good is Nal: KaI: MgI:
CaI: ClI = 27%: 2%: 9%: 27%: We obtain result of 28%
masu. (cf. figure 1 →)
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

Difference with water of water [4] Europe in Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.4.3

Evian is the hardness: We introduced with 304. This is constipated in Europe
It is the fact that posture is swallowed up (in Japan). It will be why. Of that place
Meat is staple food in various places. If anything, mineral-rich culinary plants are *
Quantity that tori does decreases. Therefore for = mineral having high hardness there is many
Water is liked.

At first drinking tap water surely anywhere when we go to Europe
We cannot do it. You are small, but please imagine Akiyoshi-dai of Japan. Earth so
Limestone covers up the whole nomonogahobo. Water which springs out from there
Because there is extremely much calcium, and pH is high, is bad; and health
This is because it spoils.

Japanese seems to generally like water (= soft water less than 60) having low hardness.
It is easy to drink, and it is liked cause a little to feel sweetness.
If dish is not soft water, we cannot give delicacy of delicate "Japanese food"
We are said.
 To be continued                       (Horiuchi)

Water [3] mineral of Oshino?

UPDATE: 2017.3.31

Because rock or ingredient of under the ground melted into mineral; is the head in the underground
kuaruhodo mineral increases. Company S, Rokko water are too long in the underground
We think river of rock to have low hardness without entering because we flowed out.

It is calcium, ma about nutrient included in the mineral inside with mineral
There are guneshiumu, sodium, potassium. The required amount is with very small amount
It is nutrient which does not appear of lacking to maintain life of one of potato.

Then let's watch the work.
 We make tooth and bone which 1 has good
 We convey information to 2 nerves and muscle and move body
 We relax 3 strain and excitement, and there seems to be cancellation for irritation.
When it is short; ...
 1 is weary and becomes easy to be tired
 We are irritated, and 2 becomes unstable in mental condition
 3 anemia seems to occur.

We play an indispensable role in life support even if we make whichever.
 To be continued                      (Horiuchi)

About the water [2] hardness of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.3.28

Be listed in most with "hardness ○○" on label of commercial water plastic bottle
We go down. With the hardness with "calcium: Ca" included in water "mug
neshiumu: We applied quantity of Mg to a certain numerical formula and calculated. Another name
Then it may be said that it is number of "mineral".

Way and notation of calculation are devised in various countries, but is rice in Japan
We adopt official of a provincial government type. According to it after hardness 100 of number
We call soft water, more than it hard water with few things. Calculating formula is 1 ri
We measure Ca during torr and weight (mg) of Mg and can subscribe the next calculating formula.
 Hardness = {Ca(mg) *2.5}+{ Mg(mg) *4.1}

The hardness of Japanese tap water is generally low, and soft water about 60 is most.
But Company A of water of the Northern Alps is 14, Company S noso of the famous Southern Alps
reha 30, water of Rokko of Kobe are the same as Company S, too. European water is the public
Because the hardness is high, we are known to mark. There is groundwater in the underground for a long term
tamedesu. It is that purpose that there is 304 Evian.
 To be continued                      (Horiuchi)

Snow can continue to fall

UPDATE: 2017.3.27

Good morning!
It is Oshino-mura tourist information center staff Masataka Watanabe!

In Oshino-mura, it still snows
The snow is approximately 50 centimeters in place where there is many
It is heavy snow very much

We can observe Oshino Hakkai by this snow
But it becomes hard to walk very much

In the road, snow shoveling work continues
Most roads can go safely
Snow is still piled up partly and
Car width becomes narrow
Visitor coming by car would like driving slowly

In addition, there is place where the sidewalk and branch road, some divisions of Oshino Hakkai still lie on
As snow becomes deep
Come in clothes which are easy to walk snow-covered roads such as boots

Snow seems to be able to still continue to fall