Cherry tree information [as of April 15] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.4.15

It clears up, and Mount Fuji looks good today clearly, too. It is zoku yesterday
We are, and temperature is calm, too. Naturally, as for the bud of cherry tree, swelling comes very much from two days ago

The top of bud would begin flower preparations to open, too, or crack of cross as for being seen
We do. On the top where bud which, in particular, was big was broken in them clearly
We peep pink petal. It is sign several days before flowering.

sererunodeha where it is approximate expectation, but blossom declaration is around 18, 19th
Is there not? Full bloom than it 25, about 26th one week after * rerukoto
We predict this.

Cherry tree information [as of April 13] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.4.13

Temperature did not rise by cloudy sky yesterday and was not comfortable for bud of cherry tree
We think of this. Fluttered, and it was fine today, and temperature is rise shiteorima, too
Do. Swelling grows big considerably from three days ago when we stare at bud
We go down.

As for some, it is seen in pink figure of color the head to be. The warmth
When we are, and day continues as it is, "flowering" will be already seen soon.
sereso where "blossom declaration" is early next week in middle part at the earliest at the latest
We boil and do.

Cherry tree information

UPDATE: 2017.4.12

It is tourist information center staff Masataka Watanabe!

It rains all day on the other day
Grace or today
It is Oshino-mura of comfortable weather of clear air from morning

By the way
It is information of cherry tree today

The nearest cherry tree is checked today by Omiya Bridge!
We feel when it swelled out considerably

When we see weather forecast
As temperature of around 18 degrees lasts this week
Next week or the week after next or the future…
We seem to be able to expect

By weather really comfortable today
We can watch Mount Fuji clearly, too!
When he/she goes out from the afternoon to Oshino-mura, how about?

Cherry tree information [as of April 10] of Oshino-mura

UPDATE: 2017.4.10

Flowering of cherry tree seems to be late nationwide this year. here Oshino-mura is ta, too
We are behind average year without leaking in minute. When do you predict flowering in?
This is very difficult, but is going to purge from swelling of bud.

Photograph is today's state. We ride four days ago and thing two days ago under right and left, and there is
masu. One on today comes to quite have a bigger bud than four days ago, and hue is bright, too
We feel.

Flowering (four or five of them of standard tree) of last year was April 11. Of the today present
Judging from swelling condition of bud flowering of this year from last year one week
It is thought that we are behind this as 10th.

Awkwardness of water [6] water of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.4.8

Balance ryo of ingredient which ionized that condition of good water melts into water
We were and learned table sererukotoo by distribution. Then we introduce an example of bad water
masu. We express in ion sign as used with "taste of water".
We do not clarify whether water which attracted example is thing of which ground, but refer to
Please judge te.

Nal: KaI: MgI: CaI: ClI = 69%: 0%: 0%: 0%: 3%
It is the real balance badness so that there is in this.
In addition, it is as follows when we introduce different examples.
Nal: KaI: MgI: CaI: ClI = 45%: 1%: 7%: 14%: 7%
After all ingredient balance is bad. This is cause of awkwardness of water.
(cf. figure 2 →)

JR says. When "awkwardness of water" is related to the temperature
As for this. If compare the same water in "cold sea breams" saying "is lukewarm", toward the natural latter
When we feel taste. Cold spring is one element of taste.
 To be continued                       (Horiuchi)