As of snow information 3/26 10:00 of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.3.26

It continues to snow from last night. The snow as of 10:00 is approximately 15cm.
It is snowy daylong, and it is forecasted that we will continue to fall tomorrow until the afternoon today.

We might have large snow. Please be careful.

Do not neglect confirmation of traffic condition and measures of snow and ice at the time of outing here
Give. Of chain offer; or studless tire wearing is requisite

Confirmation of traffic condition to this.
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      "Oshino-mura tourist information center" TEL 0555-20-4221

Water of three water [1] of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.3.25

Here is three water now. Two enter plastic bottle.
We entered � Volvic, � Evian and � glass when we said by brand
It is tap water of Oshino. 
At first it will swallow up �. It is moderate drinking water with taste. fu
There is only Lance product and may be only known all over the world. Lah
We are transcribed into "water hardness 60" when we watch ring. In this water hardness
When we arrive, it is described below.

By the way, next is Evian of �. We understand difference in taste in comparison with �. gen
Cannot express with leaf well, but water is hard; and taste of bitterness is island slightly
Do. "The water hardness" becomes "304". Of feeling that we accepted of � and �
60 of the water hardness and 304 seem to include difference somehow or other.

Then let's have water of glass of � last. It is flow at standard home in Oshino-mura
It is reru tap water. It is good water. It is difficult to give characteristic of taste
But, deep minoa where balance has good mineral with moderate hardness (hardness 60)
We can say only water that ru is delicious.
 To be continued                       (Horiuchi)

Mountains (8) Mt.Ohirayama of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.3.21

Mt.Ohirayama is altitude of 1295m. Is in border of Oshino-mura and Yamanakako-mura; Germany
We exist like ritsuho. As there is not tree around, view is the best.
That means, it is place where is most suitable for broadcast dispatch of electric wave. Present mokono
Because the whole area is valley; place that is extreme in inconvenience for arrival of TV electric wave
It is electric wave staging base of the late appearance. Big antenna rises.

Turf is pressure on majestic figure of Mount Fuji to see in the front even if top where it grew says anything
We are defeated. Village of whole view of Lake Yamanaka under left eye, Oshino-mura under the right hand and the rear
The mountains such as Mt.Syakushiyama surrounding o are wish merarerukotodesu. And far-off en
Whole view of the Southern Alps of one forgets wish merare, the lapse of time.

To reach here; is ho itenochi, the "Hananomiyako park" back in Tokai Long-Distance Footpath of Oshino-mura
Route which passes Mt.Hiraoyama, Iimoriyama from route and Mt.Ishiwariyama which kara enters
But, there is. As course is arranged well, it is almost extended hiking
We can enjoy de.
 The end                        (Horiuchi)

Mountains (7) Mt.Ishiwariyama of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.3.17

It is Lake Yamanaka plains of 1,412m above sea level and the mountain of Oshino-mura standing in border. Starting point
There are 3 directions. From � Nijumagari pass, it is � mountain in it from � Hananomiyako park
It is course from lake village plains. � will be the easiest. Altitude difference is 261
This is because it is m. Distance to walk when it is course of � is too long.

Recommendation course is flat Noguchi of � if we assume Mt.Ishiwariyama main mountain
masu. When is car, park at stone assignment Shinto shrine entrance, and pass through torii from there; 400
Stone stairway of a certain step stone pavement waits. As maintenance is good, it is easy to climb very much
But we are tired plenty. And we reach stone assignment Shinto shrine of halfway up a mountain. The side of Shinto shrine
Quartz diorite which is ni big hana*shinnariiwa rises.

We pass here and, for approximately 20 minutes, are Mt.Ishiwariyama top when we do slightly hard climb.
Splendid view waits. It is 20 pieces in Mt. Mishotai, the north side on the east side
South Al who mountain pass, Kamiyama, Mt.Syakushiyama of child were seen, and had snow in spring or distant place
We wait, and majestic figure of Mount Fuji which is pusu, symmetry that is calmer in the south receives
kemasu. And the left hand is Lake Yamanaka under eyes.
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)

Mountains (6) Nijumagari pass of Oshino

UPDATE: 2017.3.15

Altitude of this mountain pass is 1151m. Coming by car from Uchino easily
We can do it. We can pass only on Sunday now as it is during paving work. Weekday
As become ha suspension of traffic; being careful. But the up to walk halfway
As it is provided with mountain path, it is come throughout the year.

Paved way spreads out to Shishidome, Tsuru-shi when we go ahead through here to the depths more.
Ridge way where view is splendid spreads out and we turn left afterwards and go down Shishidome riverside.
As "break bamboo clothes box" continues for a while, please be careful about driving.

This mountain pass is arranged well; and restroom, parking lot (free), water hole
It is provided with (closed in winter). And mountain pass which is low even if we say anything
It is that dearinagara, whole view of Mount Fuji are caught. Only as for the amateur
Professional photographer is place that many people visit throughout the year without becoming.

It is used well as hiking or start point of mountain climbing, and there is here
masu. We reach deer protected mountain, Mt.Syakushiyama if we go to northwest side. When we advance to southeastern side
There is Mt.Ishiwariyama (1412m).
 To be continued                        (Horiuchi)