• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We carry out Oshino-mura ordinance of privacy protection from March 18, 2005 to protect personal right profit in Oshino-mura tourist association. We establish disclosure request of the appropriate handling and personal information of personal information to protect personal information that conduct organization of Oshino-mura handles in these regulations and perform the appropriate handling that was based on this system in homepage.

Limit of collection

When Oshino-mura collects personal information, we make purpose of office work to deal with personal information clear and leave in range necessary to achieve the purpose and, as a general rule, by legitimate and fair means, collect from the person. As a general rule, we do not collect thought, creed, personal information about religion.

Item which main purposes include

○To contact user as needed ○To carry out investigation into use situation

Appropriate management

Personal information that Oshino-mura collected leaks out and is lost and we come and prevent loss and manipulation. We discard surely and immediately or remove information that did not have to hold.

Limit of the use, offer out of the purpose

Personal information that Oshino-mura collected uses for purpose except purpose that we collected as principle in the Oshino-mura inside and does not provide in the Oshinomura outside (including country, other local public entity).


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