It is full of Japanese food eight

Noon: Reservation required night: We heard - big things and small things banquet at 17:00. (savings, inexhaustibility society) become menu of Japanese dishes main.

In front of "FANUC" bus stop
We offer Oshino Hakkai side, chicken motsuni (Yamanashi Class B gourmet) using sauce of our restaurant handicraft.
In addition, single dish, a lot of set meals prepare, too.
It is reasonable and becomes cozy shop. Carry foot casually!

The reserved possible number of people: Four - private rooms are possible. (room)

Detail of institution full of Japanese food eight

The accommodation 40 people
Rate Inquiry required
Address 1185, Shibokusa, Oshino-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi
TEL/FAX TEL. 84-3838 FAX. 84-3838