• List of facilities [stay]
No. Name A word The accommodation Telephone FAX Mail
1 Ichifuji Large hall, parking lot, ground one, outdoor barbecue facility, active stone hot spring large communal bath. 70 84-2286 84-2286  
2 Oh-usu-soh We sell experience-based fishing ticket made with experience-based soba made with seminar camp Hoto. When we enjoy fishing in spring Clark eminent Japan, how about, or aquarium "Fuji-Yusui-no-Sato Aquarium" of freshwater fish is immediate on foot. 30 84-2539 84-7709  
3 Oh-hashi-soh There are two grounds, tennis court four. Equipped with barbecue ground room. Sports camp is welcome. We accept experience and making soba experience made with Hoto. It is a 3-minute walk to Oshino Hakkai. 40 84-2133 84-2947  
4 Osaki Village 15 tennis courts which open in front of accommodation. Outdoor barbecue possibility. [HP] 140 84-2484 84-3515  
5 Osada-soh It is mountain stream fishing, specialty Yogan-yaki in one ground, tennis court five, Katsuragawa river of land connected to the garden. [HP] 40 84-3411 84-3411  
6 Oshino Onsen inn Day trip bath is possible, too. As for camp, group, rate consultation is possible for 800 yen for adults 400 yen for children business hours from 12:00 to 21:00 (no fixed holiday). [HP] 50 84-2014 84-2577  
7 Oshino sightseeing budget hotel Single, double, twin room and business can use a night of various styles for sightseeing at check-out 10:00 at check-in 16:00. 25 84-3719 84-3229  
8 Oshino Kogen Hotel Accommodation of mineral spring among nature that Oshino is quiet in the middle of Lake Yamanaka and Lake Kawaguchi. Accommodation which hot meal can enjoy around traditional hearth in the neighbor of village aquarium of Yamanashi Prefectural spring. The Internet is connectable in all rooms. Equipped with seminar room. [HP] 50 84-3308 84-3036  
9 Katsuragawa-soh There is Budokan in guest-house site. Let alone camp of the martial arts including judo, kendo, karate, aikido, table tennis and camp of brass band are welcome, too. Great popularity, please feel free to contact BBQ. 60 84-2480 84-2480  
10 Sakura-soh We can spend old folk house relaxed calm time of good place 150 years of location where Mount Fuji greatly opened hem old. Sports, ground one most suitable for circle camp, equipped with barbecue. 40 84-2657 84-2657  
11 Syouju-soh /P. blueberry There is all various camps (tennis court) weather type barbecue house. It is most suitable for quiet environment, seminar. Hand-kneaded soba experience is possible, too. 120 84-3566 84-4425  
12 Guest-house Shofuku-soh We accept experience made with barbecue ground perfection Hoto which there is campground in. 60 84-2427 84-2770  
13 Shourai-soh It is accommodation along Sin-Nashogawa river of Oshino-mura. It is good location requirement to be able to go from all rooms to Oshino Hakkai which is a part of guest room of superb view which Mount Fuji can look at and the constitution assets of Mount Fuji world heritage on foot. [HP] 60 84-2216    
14 Guest-house Seikou-Soh Including Oshino Hakkai and Lake Yamanaka, it is location that can fully enjoy beautiful nature. It is good to camp and circle activity let alone trip! Accommodation in a great number of people is welcome, too. Please enjoy magnificent Fuji and Nature in our accommodation which can spend time at ease. [HP] 50 84-2393 84-2531  
15 Center house Equipped with tennis court (five Omni coats, all-weather stadium coat six) barbecue 50 accommodation equipped with clubhouse [HP] 70 84-2320 84-3281  
16 Guest-house Tamanoya We can enjoy homey cooking that we use homemade vegetables. From July to August blueberry hunting. On-site training making soba, the making of Hoto 20 84-2258 84-2793  
17 Daikokuya There are one bow 13, Doba crowding, one 8 crowding. Barbecue venue and equipped with large communal bath (Fuji Yamamaru vanity) man and woman shower 100 84-2533 84-2533  
18 Deguchi-soh Do you not enjoy sports at the foot of Mount Fuji, ground among green? Ground, outdoor barbecue, multipurpose hall (dining room and), equipped with piano. There are Hoto, on-site training including the making of mugwort-flavored rice-flour dumpling, too. [HP] 40 84-2345 84-2345  
19 Relief accommodation Fugakuen Customer - group of one person reservation possibility. We can make a reservation for plan including two meals, plan with breakfast, side, Hoto which there is room without meals plan in, dumpling experience [HP] 90 84-2072 84-1277  
20 Namaimatsu-soh We see Mount Fuji from room and are accommodation cozy calmly in the center of Oshino Hakkai. 40 84-3059 84-3059  
21 Haranoya There are two grounds, tennis court eight, gymnasium. It supports Internet all rooms. Commencing with camps such as soccer, baseball and kendo, aikido, photography of Oshino Hakkai circulation and Mount Fuji is possible, too. [HP] 100 84-2075 84-7475  
22 Pine tennis lodge 12 tennis courts (clay), 0-minute walk 120 84-2916 84-7070  
23 Fuji Gakuen It is available in gymnasium one (valley, basketball, badminton) training room (approximately 80 accommodation) barbecue ground (from May to October) perfection sports camp and training room of company. [HP] 130 84-7031 84-7032  
24 Fuji-soh Walking neighborhood fishing wild plants collecting (seasonally limited) agriculture training [HP] of making soba experience private vegetable garden (dishes using self production vegetables) mugwort steamed bun Tokai Long-Distance Footpath made with Hoto 50 84-2169 84-2169  
25 Fujinoya The Mount Fuji prospects from our accommodation are the best! The master of 50 years provides perfect View Point in Mount Fuji shooting career. We cook seasonal homemade vegetables and offer hospitality for taste with oldness. [HP] 40 84-2259 84-4259  
26 Pension green shower Pension which stands in forest of rich natural environments. Eight tennis courts which opens in front. It is most suitable for tennis camp. We accept Hoto experience. [HP] 60 84-3314 84-1058  
27 Masu-no-ie There are two local cuisine tennis courts such as fresh pink salmon, wild plants from thatched old folk house pond of 250 years among Japanese gardens of nagame mu 1500 tsubo old in Mount Fuji [HP]   84-2013    
28 Ten thousand Taya One ground, sports camp including the Little League, soccer are welcome. It is made with Hoto and accepts making soba experience. Best view of Mount Fuji from guest room soon western in Oshino Hakkai [HP] 50 84-2271 84-2280  
29 Guest-house Yayoi-soh We accept faculty of liberal arts circle warm welcome Hoto, udon equipped with large hall (65 quires), making soba experience. 50 84-2319 84-3444  
30 Yoshino It is small accommodation. Do you not spend time relaxedly leisurely at the foot of Fuji? We accept experience and making soba experience made with Hoto, experience made with dumpling. 20 84-2391 84-2391  
31 Inn Fujitomita innFujitomita Pool of 20m among lawns. Barbecue with garden and shelter. We are fully equipped with 50-mat large hall. [HP] 30 84-3359 84-3360  
32 Lake Oshino Accommodation of sports camp warm welcome family is popular with grand one (one for handball possible more than soccer, Little League two) tennis court seven barbecue room soccer, baseball, tennis, handball, lacrosse, rugby, too 60 84-2131 84-7364  

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