• List of facilities [eat]
No. Name A word The accommodation Telephone FAX Mail
1 Ikemoto teahouse We grind in stone mill as much as we store cool and warm and use kokusandairyugen side in waterwheel on the day and we grind, and stand and hit and provide length. Char grilled with salt which is fresher than famous clear water fish preserve is recommended. In the shop, scenery is superb view located at the Hakkai center, too. [HP] 80 84-1009 84-3666  
2 Restaurant ichii-tei Group-like reservation is possible. It is complete Japanese restaurant needing reservations! Please enjoy hand-kneaded soba using famous clear water of Oshino, many cooking using local vegetables relaxedly in spacious room! [HP] 180 84-4048 84-4741  
3 The hand-kneaded udon country Please try hand-kneaded udon using famous clear water of Oshino which begins to breed in thaw water of Mount Fuji in fixed closing day by all means on Tuesday for business hours from 11:00 to 14:00. 40 84-2907    
4 Restaurant hearth Group-like reservation is possible. 00 is Hoto of home brew plenty of vegetables 00-23 on Tuesday 00/18 - 14 in fixed closing day at business hours 11:30. It is a 5-minute walk from Oshino Hakkai. 50 84-3741 25-7003  
5 Uoyoshi fresh dojo studio Group-like reservation is possible. One coin lunch of 500 yen is very popular! Other seafood bowls are recommended, too! Oshino Hakkai (Deguchiike pond) is near. Monday fixed closing day [HP] 30 84-2625 84-8010  
6 Make Oshino; village of growth Please enjoy full-scale meal and performance of "ninja" in famous clear water of Oshino and restaurant utilized local ingredients of the foot of Fuji, appearance of Ninja Yashiki House. [HP] 200 84-1122    
7 washokutokosha Group-like reservation is possible. There is Yusui Garden "Asaji" in site, and there is western dishes cafe "wind poetry" of sisters shop. Mount Fuji photograph is displayed each and can enjoy charm of Oshino Fuji. "Side low dining table" "car and low dining table" are recommended. Monday fixed closing day. [HP] 200 84-3455 84-2242  
8 Gladly It is shop which you can enjoy to all of you from ethnic to pizza, pasta. [HP] 35 20-5200 20-5201  
9 Old folk house dining "house bowers" Group-like reservation is possible to 130 people. We can enjoy lunch with hideaway atmosphere while being in distance of a 3-minute walk from Oshino Hakkai "Wakuike pond". Perfection until three days ago needs reservations to offer local seasonal ingredients. [HP] 130 84-2320    
10 wafujinsen Group-like reservation is possible. 1,200 yen + tax ... (example) 1,500 yen + tax small dish, sashimi, salad, tempura, pickle, side where there are 160 people in trailer bus four tour menu which you can make a reservation of, salmon rice, fruit 160 84-3777 84-3777  
11 chukaryorihishikuifukuken Real Chinese food which genuine cook cooks is reputation in not only various places visited for sightseeing but also local various places. You can surely satisfy price, the volume let alone taste together. Quite popular Taiwanese ramen by all means appreciation. 108 72-8076    
12 Hand-kneaded soba Tensho-an Pick quarrel, and is Bukkake soba side reckoning fatty tuna; country bamboo steamer Wednesday fixed closing day [HP]? 60 84-4119 84-4119  
13 Nakamise In Nakamise, we send lunch, catered food which put true heart with handicraft around Fuji Five Lakes. [HP]   84-3776 84-4454  
14 It is full of Japanese food eight Noon: Reservation required night: We heard - big things and small things banquet at 17:00. (savings, inexhaustibility society) become menu of Japanese dishes main. [HP] 40 84-3838 84-3838  
15 hannoki dining room Rainbow trout which we brought up at spring of Hoto hotpot and Mount Fuji using various vegetables is popular. [HP]   84-2587 84-2337  
16 hinodeya No fixed holiday homemade buckwheat noodles, raw udon are recommended for business hours from 11:00 to 16:00. 55 84-3114 84-3114  
17 Hoto Oshinoya   [HP] 40 84-3180    
18 Maruten Sakanaya Group-like reservation is possible. Because natural water of Mount Fuji begins to spring out in site, all the dishes using the famous clear water are exquisite. (side, Hoto, coarse rainbow trout carp grilled with salt) 5-minute walk from trailer bus OK Oshino Hakkai no fixed holiday [HP] 55 84-2109 84-3120  
19 Noodle dining loquat It is soup which we made with nature material. Have delicious soba! [HP]   84-7033 84-7033  
20 Restaurant Oshino Yashima We provide fresh ingredients, delicious Japanese food using place of foot of Fuji vegetables. Lunch completely needs reservations. [HP]   84-7330 84-1143  
21 resutoranshiegaro Hideaway real French restaurant of the foot of lunch) from 11:30 to 14:00 night) from 18:00 to 21:00 Mount Fuji ※As for course dishes, I would like reservation by the day before. [HP] 40 84-2447 84-2447  
22 Restaurant ineya Advantageous weekdays only set meal and lunch set. Seasonal recommended menu and specially made curry, hamburg are popular. Course dishes accept various banquets and Buddhist memorial services, celebrations, too. Monday fixed closing day 60 84-1178 84-1180  

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