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No. Name A word The accommodation Telephone FAX Mail
1 Make Oshino; village of growth It is Japanese garden and ninja attraction, restaurant, chatoko, ninja theme village consisting of stands overlooking Mount Fuji. We can experience attraction and ninja performance that featured the theme of "ninja". [HP]   84-1122    
2 Oshino sky sport club Full-scale tandem hang glider experience flight to fly by an altitude of 3m, toe Inge hang glider which can fly in anyone alone immediately easily and in strike terto 2-crew from mountain of 360m. Year round [HP]   84-7561 84-7561  
3 Oshino fishing area, cottage Because we can catch rainbow trout, deepbodied crucian carp, char, a kind of trout, and underflow water of Fuji flows throughout the year, water temperature maintains the same, too and is distinguished for the quality of the water, too! It goes a year and can enjoy. Bait fishing is easy in child and beginners. Accommodation that there is cottage in is possible. [HP] 80 84-2511    
4 Contact horseback riding paradise Clover ranch Person having the elderly, life welcomes real beginner warmly from small child in any one! Contact experience go down, and how about for horse, the making of memory of trip including experience-based horseback riding [HP] 30 72-9650 72-9650  

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