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No. Name A word The accommodation Telephone FAX Mail
1 Asano food (Hakkai tofu) Shop [HP] of handmade tofu doing its best in domestic production, regional raw materials   84-3029 84-7551  
2 Asahiya store     84-2012    
3 Amano store We may stop on ceremonial occasion on January 1 on regular holiday for business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Recommended product is soaked in homemade Chinese cabbage and is buckwheat noodles, raw udon.   84-2148 84-7118  
4 Amano Electric     84-2154 20-5011  
5 Oshino plateau aguri, raifu Store [HP] of delicious egg, vegetables   84-4080 84-4080  
6 Oshino Hakkai Ikemoto There is our restaurant in center of Oshino Hakkai for year round business hours from 8:00 to 18:00 (it fluctuates by season), and, as for "this, scenery called Oshino Fuji right" opens from pond in front. [HP]   84-2236 84-3666  
7 Oshino Hakkai shiruku Located at the foot of Mount Fuji, 374 years pass in me after Kashiwagi Osamu Sato began textile in the Edo era, and our company will leave good tradition of silk fabrics in history from now on and is doing what we place as Japanese silk fabrics culture and continue with concept.   090-5327-6735    
8 Oshino Lunchbox     84-4555 84-4555  
9 Oshinoya We sell in various ways in spring by persimmon, season in peach and grape, autumn in wild grass, summer.   84-2249 84-2249  
10 Oshino post office We sell limited commemorative stamp pleased with souvenir. [HP]   84-2000 84-4296  
11 Kashiwagi store Feelings that are handmade in Chisan sale, regional kemmicho. It is fresh egg which we brought up with water of Oshino.   84-2486 84-2486  
12 Sumiya tofu shop Please eat tofu which you made with delicious water once. [HP]   84-2127 84-3751  
13 kamanohata Ministry of the Environment registration famous clear water 100 selections Wakuike pond is garden. Thaw water of mini-Mount Fuji, famous clear water coffee.   84-4333 84-2387  
14 Hakkai sobakuraya noodle making place Please eat soba which you made with clean, delicious water of Mount Fuji. [HP]   84-2097 84-2098  
15 Gencho store We sell food, fruits and vegetables, self vegetables.   84-2125 84-2229  
16 The JA Crane Oshino branch We sell vegetables produced in Oshino-mura. [HP]   84-2026 84-4626  
17 JX Oshino Hakkai S.S (Maruhira store) Until business hours from 7:00 to 19:00 summer 20:00 when we do business on holiday on gasoline (white gasoline), light oil, kerosene or other oil products Sunday   84-2752 84-3752  
18 Super Uchino shop Sale of homemade side dish, please drop in casually.   84-2048 84-4018  
19 Seven-Eleven Oshino shop There is convenience store liquor, cigarette   84-2033    
20 SELVA Oshino shop Popular now being held including advantageous Sunday plan (on first Sunday, rice of card members only is 20% off with a smile every month) to solve for business hours from 10:00 to 21:00 (it opens on Sunday at 9:00)! [HP]   20-5311 20-5377  
21 Tanabe facilities     84-2051 84-2051  
22 Daikichi-ya     84-2406 84-4406  
23 Hand baking temple Delicious rice cracker person in Oshino Hakkai   84-3106    
24 Daily YAMAZAKI Oshino Shibokusa store On the day there is product which it produced in shop including freshly baked bread.   84-1878 84-1878  
25 doraifurutsu "Grape of pickling in vinegar" handcrafts all quite popular product! Please come to beauty and health. [HP]   72-8657 72-8657  
26 It is irregularity in dried fruit We have dried fruit kept on choosing. Please come for sampling.   055-234-5018    
27 Newyork stick We get outlet products such as cheesecake or stick cake which there is reason in out of the standard at reduced prices. Rusk, baked confectioneries of Mount Fuji series are popular, too. [HP]   84-3276 84-7311  
28 Patisserie Un There is cafe space and is possible to four people. We make with raw materials of Oshino product with handicraft one by one. [HP] 4 72-8910 72-8910  
29 hinodeya Business hours 9:00 - uncertainty (it fluctuates by time) 100% grape fruit juice, homemade buckwheat noodles, raw udon are recommended. We have other various souvenirs.   84-3114 84-3114  
30 Family shop Amano     84-3456 84-3456  
31 Hoto Oshinoya   [HP]   84-3180    
32 Hannokibayashi As for this, it is original scenery, roof of thatch of Oshino and well-kept garden. We run dining room, stand and can look at best Mount Fuji in Japan in front. Among nature, heart is museum to settle while looking at best Mount Fuji in Japan. [HP]   84-2587 84-2337  
33 Marudai store     84-2100 84-2100  
34 Miura noodle making place Side of specialty of base of a mountain Uchino, Hoto, molokheiya side are quite popular, too!   84-2135 84-3235  
35 Meisen soba Soba and udon which we made with delicious water of Oshino. Please come to souvenir!   84-2005 84-3990  
36 Kiroku Yuyama Please drop in at deep-discount price, drawing card indication, return once!   84-2030 84-4132  
37 Yuyama noodle making place We are made of from spring more than 20 years of world heritage Mount Fuji! We accept buckwheat noodles raw udon whole country delivery.   84-2034 84-2067  
38 Lawson Oshino Shibokusa store How about breath, gusset cafe slightly? [HP]   84-3963 84-3963  
39 Watanabe food Kusamochi of 100% of straight mugworts of Oshino. Miso sause skewer dumpling of our restaurant pride. [HP]   84-4106 84-4106  
40 Watanabe fruits and vegetables We look forward to with seasonal fruit including peach, grape. We accept national delivery.   84-2079    
41 Watanabe noodle making place Specialty of foot of Fuji raw noodles production, sale. For buckwheat noodles present, seeing the old year out. To raw udon hot pot with Tsukemen. Hoto of raw Hoto effect imondayo pumpkin.   84-2195 84-7535  

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